Chatbots journey began in 2016 and within six months all the technology giants adopted Chat bots. Reports suggest mobile applications will be driven as chat bots. This change in technology isn’t new, we have seen browser replacing desktop operating system and websites being replaced by client server applications hence, chat bots might replace mobile applications.

Chatbots -

chat bots
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What really makes chat bots different from regular mobile applications is the user interface. The normal or regular mobile applications have visual interface comprising of buttons and icons while as chat bots have chat interface, where user chats with the application and hence, operated it that way. Chat bots will enhance over all user mobile application experience by inculcating chat system that removes any dependency on humans to learn application inside- out. Right now there are two types of chat bots, one that are integrated into the mobile applications and others that use existing platforms like Facebook Messenger.

According to a recent OpenMarket report those born in and after 80’s choose texting over talking. So we can say that adopting platform based on chat will serve better purpose than normal mobile application. Some companies have already made their chat bots available to the users like CNN News, Hayatt hotels, HealthTap. Amazon, Google and Microsoft have already commercially launched their SDK’s for developers to build chat bot solutions.

Let us see the benefits of chat bots-

  • It will enable user with effective interactions and communications, hence much satisfied users.
  • Better way to track customer response and feedback.
  • From simple workflows to complex scenarios, it ensures successful mapping of operations onto frameworks.
  • Chat bots are faster to load and build than websites and mobile applications.
  • Minimum human interference leading to automation of support services.

Chat bots improve the mobile application experience of user as it makes application faster, simple, intuitive and interactive. Not all applications need Chat Bots, only specific ones like self serve or support based features.