China threatens Apple privacy: According to Reuters, Apple's strong privacy features, which protect users' anonymity when surfing the internet, will not be implemented in China and many other nations subject to legal issues. The decision is presumably motivated by China's cybersecurity regulations, which mandate that authorities have the ability to track user online activities and prohibit traffic encryption. On Monday, Apple revealed a number of privacy-related upgrades during its annual software developer conference. Private Relay, for example, piques the curiosity of Chinese users who are subject to the country's censorship system because it encrypts all surfing history so that no one can follow or intercept the information. The "private relay" innovation, which was announced at Apple's yearly developers’ convention encrypts Apple internet traffic and routes it through Apple and 3rd-party servers, making it more difficult for advertisements to track users. Apple is promoting its privacy and security features with the addition of this functionality. “No one can trace your browsing data while Private Relay is enabled – not your telephone company, nor anybody else in the midst of your query between your user and the server you're seeking info from. We'll have to wait for additional information on how it works in detail.”, says the common mass of geeks and nerds. China threatens Apple privacy, The thrill didn't last very long. Private Relay will not be offered in China, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and the Philippines, according to Apple. To survive in China, which contributes about a fifth of Apple's yearly revenue, the company has made concessions. This includes maintaining user data in China, so it's more accessible to requests from Chinese authorities, as well as eliminating programs and applications that allow users to circumvent the Great Firewall of China. Read More: FACEBOOK TO RESCUE THE CONTENT CREATORS