Domain Name and Web Hosting: Web hosting service is nothing but providing websites and servers to the users to make their own websites for various purposes. Providing a good service should be the first priority of the service providers. It also provides internet connectivity typically in a data center. Earlier the internet was restricted only for research and educational purposes. It was available for a limited number of pages.

Domain Name and Web Hosting -

To create websites for individuals and organizations the main requirement is their own server or computer. As all the companies and organizations didn’t have the budget or expertise to do so, here the web hosting service provider got into the act and began to provide websites on their own servers. As we go further on providing information we find that web hosting services are categorized under the scale of use like small scale web hosting and large scale web hosting.

choosing a domain name and web hosting
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Web hosting is often provided as a part of the internet plans that are provided by the Internet service provider. The host may provide a control panel in the concern of managing the webserver. A web server that does not use the control panel is referred to as a “headless” server. The availability of a website is calculated by the percentage of years for which the website is accessed by its users and can be reached via the internet. A hosting provider comes up with a service level agreement.

The SLA may include a certain amount of given downtime in the year to conduct maintenance on the host systems. Sometimes the web service provider will provide a refund if the downtime exceeds more than that is mentioned in the SLA. Often the web service provider guarantees 99.99%  of uptime stats which allows a maximum of 43 min of downtime per month and 516 min of downtime annually i.e 8 hrs 45min approx.

Search for a host with24*7 support - Domain Name and Web Hosting

  •  Regardless of whether you are a site master and you feel equipped for taking care of all your site-related issues, you will require the help from your host when the issue is at the host's end. The facilitating issues can straightforwardly meddle with the presentation of your site. In this manner, you can't bear to pause and lose traffic until the help lands to understand them.
  • Although you are a site master and you feel fit for taking care of all your site-related issues, you will require the help from your host when the issue is at the host Mostly, all the proficient facilitating specialist co-ops accompany bolster offices through email, live talk, and phone. In this way, pick one of them with the goal that you are never alone when you need assistance.

Reliability and speed

  • We humans don’t like waiting. Hence we want our hosting service provider to be fast and reliable. Websites never matter to the users it is the result and the speed they are getting the result matters. If a web host is unable to provide the result at the desired time the user seems unsatisfied and can change the web host. Because the competition is vast as a web hosting provider you need to provide your users prolific results and content or else they can find it somewhere else. For a good web service provider, you can surf through the internet and read the various reviews on the web service providers.
  • On the basis of your location, you can choose the host who provides you with instant results and uses the latest technologies to do so. Also, web hosting depends on the traffic on the site. Let's take the case of a blogging site that is simple and can perform well with a fewer number of resources that are allotted to it. While various other large online directory sites require heavy resources and quick response time to function. Such websites are quite familiar with heavy traffic and need a premium quality host. Additionally, a catalog site requires an increasingly secure host, and a quicker one. In this way, in view of the necessities of your site, you can pick your web host appropriately. 

Obtaining a web host

Not at all like static HTML sites which can be facilitated on most web servers, with regards to web applications, there are essentially two kinds of facilitating stages. Depending upon your facilitating needs and what you're generally alright with, you can look over. Among the two Linux hosting and windows hosting you can choose anyone. If you go with Linux hosting it will allow scripts that are written in different languages like PHP, Perl, python and other Unix based is one of the most commonly used systems. It generally uses PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Also when you choose windows that permit running ASP contents using .NET and other Microsoft innovations and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access can choose either of them but if your website does not need any scripting support then you will find Linux hosting more cost-effective. But if your website requires script support then you should use the platform which supports the technologies you are presently using.

Domain name 

A space name is simply the string that distinguishes the standard and control inside the web. The space name is being utilized in different systems administration conditions and for application-explicit naming and tending to purposes. It by and large speaks to the Internet convention [IP] asset as if there should arise an occurrence of a PC getting to the web or a site or a site itself speaks with different sites over the web. Billions of space names have been enrolled over the web over the most recent couple of years and it will increase quickly in the up and coming days. As for the naming of an area, it depends on the principles and techniques determined by the Domain Name System or the DNS. Any name enlisted with DNS is a space name. Fundamentally space names are deficient without an area augmentation.

For instance, we can take, where "google" is the name of the space and ".com" is the area expansion. These two are interlinked and whenever isolated neither of them will be of any methods. A totally qualified area name (fqdn) is a space name that is completely shown with all the names of the request for the DNS, having no parts precluded. Choosing the area name resembles naming your own youngster. The name you pick must be one of a kind and significant and the new identifier of your new image. As like naming a youngster doesn't cost you cash yet on account of naming an area you need to pour down your pocket up to some degree.

How to choose a domain name? - Domain Name and Web Hosting

  • While launching your own website the most important decision you need to make is the domain name. With the proper amount of budget and with proper resources it is easy to buy the domain name of your choice but it is quite hard on the other part to choose a domain name that perfectly suits your brand. You need to choose a domain name that will represent your brand all over the internet. 
  • Domain names should be chosen up for only once, a one-time decision should be made whether the name chosen is right or not. although the domain name of the website can be changed with having proper resources on your side. It is also possible to transfer from one domain to another but it is a time-consuming process and might cause inconvenience to the users. So it is asked to choose the domain name thoughtfully and stabilizing the mind of the owner due to which there will be no urgency or need to change the domain name for your website. The domain name of a website should be named in such a way that it can serve the website in the best way possible.  

Keeping it short and simple 

  • While naming a domain the name should be easy and it must be easy to remember. A easy domain name should be chosen to avoid spelling error and the website revisitors should find it easy to check in the website again. While providing an easy domain name reduces chances of misspelling, it increases the number of visitors as the fear of typing wrong spelling gets eliminated. Also, the name of your domain must be matching to your niche which will help the visitors to remember the website. 

Brandable or Generic?

  • Creative or brandable domain names are better than the generic ones. The domain name is the foundation or it can be said the identity proof of your company this is how the visitors will find your company over the web. This is how the visitors will also share the details and review of your company over the internet and your website along with your company will grow. We can say that the brandable domain names stand uniquely without any disturbances whereas the generic domain names generally contain keywords and they are very difficult to memorize which leads to the case of misspelling and decreases visitors of the site. So it is important to choose a brandable domain name over a generic one. Creating new and unique words for your domain name but on the other hand, the word must be easy to spell and remember. Using domain name generators can ease off your stress and can provide you domain names that can easily specify your company and website. 

Using keywords and avoiding copyright issues

  • Using keywords for your domain name can help you a lot making it easier to spell and remember. The inclusion of keywords helps your website to grow and helps SEO. According to a blog by Nick Berry among those billions of domain names many include keywords. Most of the common names comprise of 12 characters. While naming your own website the thing you should keep in mind is that your website name should be in between  6-14 characters. Because it makes your site easily accessible and easily recognizable for the visitors.
  • one of the important aspects of choosing a domain name is the copyright issue, you should be cautious of what domain name to be chosen so that you can avoid the copyright issues. For this you should approach your domain name properly and check whether the domain name is not been used by any other sites. This will keep you and your website away from copyright issues.

Easy to type and pronounce - Domain Name and Web Hosting

  • Whenever we think of a popular website like google, yahoo or facebook we find something similar for each one of them and that is they are easy to spell out which makes them easier to type also which not only makes the user comfortable but also increases their visiting on the particular website. If you go with something though to type then your users might misspell and visit any other website. If users find it difficult to know the domain name and you need more than once to make them understand your spelling, then there is a serious need of changing your domain name and keep it simple rather than keeping it complicated.
  • Easiness of pronouncing makes your website or domain name to be exchanged verbally. The more it is easy to speak the more users will recommend it to others. If you can slip your domain name from your tongue speedily then the users also should be able to speak that efficiently. Take a few people and give them a paper written with your domain name if they find it difficult to pronounce you will need to simplify your domain name further. You want your website to grow rapidly the way it can grow is the simplicity of the domain name while typing and pronouncing.

Avoid using numbers and hyphens 

  • While naming a domain one more aspect to go through is the use of numbers and hyphens. As we know domain name should be easier to pronounce and type, so if we use numbers and hyphens users will find it difficult to pronounce and type while visiting or sharing your website. Your domain name should be continuous and smooth as it will be easier to access but including a number or hyphen will get in the way and your website might get caught up from growing. Using hyphen and number might create confusion while typing or sharing the name of your website.  Yes, a hyphen can be used but only when the case is extreme and you need hyphen to name your domain. For example New1 can be mistaken and can be typed as New one or it might go with New-one. So to avoid this confusion it is advised neither to use numbers nor the hyphen while naming a domain. 


  • It is a basic necessity to get a domain name for your website under a good budget. With increasing websites domain names are being used and sold regularly. Various domain names are quite expensive and will need a large sum of money to be invested to obtain them. Domain name prices usually depend on their demand and their availability in the upcoming days. We recommend you not to overspend on this and you should buy a domain name in the budget that suits you along with your website. You can go with higher-priced domain names if the website is for your business purpose. 

Using the right domain extension

  • While using a domain name you should always be concerned about the domain extension . taking in concern .com is still the best domain extension until now. According to some surveys conducted, the majority of websites have .com as their domain extensions. Various websites are still successful with domain extensions like “.net” “.org”, but websites will provide a good influence and a stabilized work with the “.com” domain extension.
  • As competition is growing and domain extensions are constantly being taken by various websites you can face problems on getting a domain extension like “.com”  you can go with extensions such as “.net” “.org”. But if these extensions are also taken then you need to look out for some other ones and for some reason avoid using extensions like “.club”,”.space”,”.pizza” etc.
  • These extensions might not suit your website and these domain extensions are a bit weird. There is a wide stretch of domain extension all over the internet so to find the one with the purpose to serve your website and suit it, is necessary.
  • Suppose going with some educational purpose you try and make a website with the domain name “after class” you should provide with the domain extension “.edu” which relates your web site and informs that it is a study related website. As you have to choose your domain name and extension for once you should be concerned and you should gather information from wherever you can.
  • We suggest you take advice from registrars to decide the best domain extension for your website as it is going to be the representative of your website for a long interval of time.

Getting something you can stick with for a long time 

  • You must be ready to carry on with your domain name and extension for a long time. So it is important for you to choose it with a calm state of mind, as it defines your business and brand. If you decide to change your domain name it will create a lot of problems like spending money, branding, and updating SEO rankings and we can say that these processes will be time taking and painful.
  • If you are expecting to expand your brand from your particular niche where you started, then you can consider changing the domain name else you should stick with what you started with. You should not pin yourself with that single niche if you think you can expand. So you should always be a step further and choose a domain name that will become the term name for your website. 

Stuck? Use a domain name generator

  • While creating a domain name you might face problems as websites are increasing on a daily basis and domain names are being used on every website. That’s where domain name generators come to use. These generators give a fresh and available face to your domain name. 

Using domain variations 

  • While choosing your domain name you come across different variations of the same domain name. For example your domain name is studyone, then the variations are study1,study-one. To avoid the users from getting over to the other websites you can own these variations too which will lead the visitors to your website although they have typed the wrong domain name. This will prove to be a big boost to your website. 

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information about web hosting and how to choose a domain name. We deeply recommend you to follow the article and your well-built instinct to choose your web host as well as your domain name and extensions for your website. You should go with some easy and good domain name so that your users will get acquainted with your website very easily.

Also, it should represent your website as appropriately as possible and will be great for SEO, also it must be country-specific. Your space name will significantly affect the achievement and capability of your site. Make a point to place some cautious idea into picking yours. Also, choose your web host wisely too.