Clubhouse App: It is constantly changing. The only thing that is permanent here is change. The change is often to bring about more innovative and accessible customization in the already running process. While there are some bosses in the industry like Pinterest and Instagram for pictures, WhatsApp and Facebook for socializing, and LinkedIn for jobs. But the graph is not a constant slope and anybody could be the next boss here. We have witnessed the emergence of apps with great user engagement but have been short-lived like TikTok. Social media platforms are not only a place to interact and socialize but a great place for originality, marketing, and business. While most of the apps work on a conventional texting and watching scheme, here is a launch of an audio-based app. And no, it is not any podcast or music app but a new social media app.

What is the Clubhouse App?

In a broader term, a clubhouse app is a social networking app, but the functioning of the audio-based social media is quite different, unique, and innovative from the existing social networking apps. The clubhouse app has created a lot of buzz and sensation around the globe over the last year. And it's common to wonder what the fuss and commotion are all about. This is not one of those apps which trend for some time and then vanish. This has stood out and is being accessed worldwide. This app has broken the monotony of endless scroll and features of like and comment which is prevailing. It has been designed purposefully with an audio approach. The app has a feature of group creation quite common to the existing social media apps but the differentiating factor is the allowance of speakers to talk on any topic. The audience can listen to the talk and gain something insightful. The principle on which clubhouse works is audio or voice. The human voice has the power to bring or break emotions and that factor is deliberately used to distinguish this app. There is no allowance for using the camera, hence it is just the game of speaking and listening which makes all the difference.

How to create an account on the clubhouse app?

The principle behind the allowance of new users is "invite-only". This feature of the audio social media app makes it even more exciting and unique. So a new user would require an invite from an existing user to join the Clubhouse app. Those existing users could be your friend or colleague, who is already on the Clubhouse app and is ready to give the invitation. But even if you do not have anyone who is currently on the app, you can still go ahead and register on the app for an account. Once the basic profile is set and essential information has been provided, the new users will find that they have joined a waitlist. The existing users will get a notification about the waitlist and can provide an invitation which will enable you to move ahead as full user status. The users can also link the clubhouse account to Twitter or Instagram. It would auto-generate the profile or the user can set up the profile manually by adding photos, descriptions, interests, and other information which the user wants others to know about them.

How does Clubhouse work?

After getting the Clubhouse invitation, the interface might either seem overwhelming or intimidating. So here is an outline of the entire proceeding of the new social media audio-based app. After accepting the invite, set up your profile. It could range from basic information to topics of interest. Once the profile is complete, start exploring the app. The best features can be found only while navigating and exploring the app. The Clubhouse is known for its clubs. So join a club and you would find the notifications of rooms hosted by that club. Clubs also bring forward users on Clubhouse that share similar interests like you. The new users can even start a club after the completion of hosting three discussions or rooms on the audio-based app. While starting a new room, there is the availability of three types – closed, social, and open. The type of room can be changed but the topic of the room cannot be changed, once the room starts. Always introduce yourself before starting the speech, to the audience. And the requests and hand raise among the audience should be granted permission to make the conversation engaging and interactive. The users can join or "drop-in" into any room. As soon as they tap "drop-in", they would start listening and would also be muted as a listener. The speakers and moderators can be seen at the top of the screen. The raise hand option would notify the moderator about your will to speak and they can choose to unmute or ignore the user. The users can leave and join any other room as they wish. The clubhouse also provides the option to mark upcoming rooms. The upcoming room suggestions cater to the facility of adding a reminder to the calendar or sharing about the room on other social media platforms.

How can businesses benefit from the clubhouse?

The trademark of the Clubhouse app is awareness. So it could be a wonderful opportunity to grow the following for a business and get brand recognition. Even the small businesses are benefitted from the Clubhouse app as it gives a chance to express individuality and exposure to patient listeners. Welcoming a diverse audience with different opinions and viewpoints can provide glimpses of improvisation in the business. It could also be a great way to connect with customers and build loyalty. The relevant conversation would bring you in the shoes of the customers. Thereafter you can align your goals with valuable feedback. It also provides an opportunity to connect with personages of the same industry and gain pivotal insights on similar topics. In the long run, it builds a network which is often the goal of most businesses.

Why has the clubhouse become so popular and its future?

The credit of the immense popularity of clubhouse goes to its timing of launch or release. The popularity started shooting up, as the entire world was at home due to the spread of pandemics and people were looking for a good source of entertainment. It could have been a miserable fail too, but the risk was worth it when the app launched in April 2020. The clubhouse provides the users a sense of privacy as nobody is watching them and it feels like a phone call with a larger audience on the other end. Initially, the clubhouse was limited to iOS users but the inclusiveness of the Android version from May 2021 made this app even more accessible. Nobody being an oracle and the future being unpredictable, a definite statement on the future of the clubhouse cannot be said. But the audio-based clubhouse app social media app is trending currently. Even existing apps like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, and others have customized and upgraded to Clubhouse-like features, portraying that the debut app has had a crucial and massive impact on its competitors. Read More: EARN MONEY FROM CLUBHOUSE APP – A PROPER GUIDE