E-commerce Trends 2020: I got up today morning and realised that my tooth paste was almost over. I needed a new one for tomorrow but there was no way I could go to a shop nearby and get it myself as I don’t really have the time for it and moreover I hate going to the shop, talking to the guy, surrounded by other people bargaining for petty things with him and many more reasons! Luckily I live in an era where I can just pick up my phone and get whatever I want to be delivered to my doorstep! I hope you have guessed what I’m hinting at by now. yes ! It is the e-commerce business what I want to talk about in this article.

E-commerce is one of the rapidly growing sectors in business and it has seen growth to great heights at the shortest time period ever in the history of business. There is no doubt that e-commerce is booming and almost every business today wants to make their presence online. It is no more good enough to just have an ecommerce website for your business! That time is passed. Now it has become a necessity to have the best in class e-commerce platform for the clients. Some of the trending ecommerce developments that one should consider for the year 2019 are discussed below:

Presence to be made on the handy devices - E-commerce Trends 2020

e commerce development trends in 2019
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There is no doubt that we humans would want to work as little as possible and make ourselves feel as comfortable as possible. It is no secret that shopping online on various websites has also becoming boring and tiresome for most of the people. The newest and the best way people look for shopping is through their mobiles or tablets which are more handy than their laptops or PCs. However, the user experience of a website on mobiles is not always that great. But to the rescue we have mobile applications that have made shopping so easy and user friendly. So having an app for your ecommerce business is something that is very essential today.

Having someone to guide us is always good

Everybody loves to talk! Specially when we are buying something, we would always want another person to constantly tell us that it is a good product and that our choice is good. But this is something that just has not started to a great extent on the ecommerce platforms. Having a virtual assistant on the platform to talk to the client will help them decide what they want to buy and also on the basis of their taste can recommend other similar products.

E-commerce Trends 2020 - Everyone wants to be special

We are living in a world where any body can become a well known person overnight. Thanks to the social media and other forms of media. When everyone is looking to become special, a business performs best when it understands this feeling of the clients and gives them personalised recommendations of the products that they would want to buy on the basis of their search history. If you have observed, this is what Amazon is doing and you can see where Amazon stands today within a few years after its launch.

Typing is too much of work

We have Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and many more assistants to help us navigate through our phones and other devices without actually touching them anymore. When this is the case, there is no surprise that when this element is employed by the ecommerce platforms, their revenues will only go up! People will love it when they just can command the apps with their voice as to what they want and it adds it right into their cart.

Using other input methods

Many a times we find ourselves in a dilemma when we have a product in hand but we don't know the actual name of the product unless it is mentioned somewhere on the product. In such instances, it would be very easy if we could just take a picture of the product and search on the ecommerce platforms using the image! A lot of time and energy would be saved and people wouldn’t be drained for the thought of figuring out what that product actually was!

Better delivery and returns

E Commerce is preferred over regular shopping most of the times because of these two reasons! One, whatever product you order, you can be assured that it will be delivered to your doorstep and two in case you don’t like what you bought, there will always be a return policy that you can make use of and send the product back. However, in most of the cases, though the delivery process is remarkable, the return policies are not very user friendly. Improvements on this field will yield greater revenues to the businesses.


E commerce is on the rise and also at its peak of generating revenues, hence one has to ensure that their ecommerce platform has the state of the art features to ensure clients keep using their platform.