COVID-19: Where the whole world is suffering from the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic, our Government and Private sectors both are working actively and efficiently. They are providing each and every possible solution for the whole nation that will help them from rescuing these pandemic effects

To be active in lockdown, escaping from entering into depression, loneliness, and keeping available all the mandatory living items, they are offering every best solution for every individual whether they are office going people or school, or college students.

The whole nation is under lockdown, every office whether it's government or private has been closed for a fixed time. Every school, college, and business also got Lockdown to maintain the social distancing and to stop the spread of the virus. Social distancing and quarantine are needed for the good of ourselves.

In this situation, kids are living away from schools, playgrounds, and friends are also locked down in the houses, which is very tough for them. Keeping this concern in mind, the giant of social networking platform "FaceBook" has expanded its Messenger Kid application all over the world.

In a motive to help children handle the challenges of distance learning and isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown. For More than 70 countries globally including India, the messaging service for kids has been launched.

The app comes with new opt-in functionality for guardians to help their kids connect with their friends and families. Messenger Kid has been launched in 2017, in the US but later it has widened in Canada and other countries.

In entertainment and parent-monitored space, Messenger Kids application is a video chat and the messaging app helps children connect with family and friends.

From today i.e. 23rdApril 2020, the app will be downloaded by Apple users from the app store. Further, by the end of the week, it will also be available in the Google Play Store for Android users. At the end of this month, every parent will be able to connect their kids with friends and family through this digital platform.

Features of the Messenger Kid app - COVID-19

  1. No need for a phone number while creating an account on the Messenger Kid app.
  2. Provide the ability to Parents to set usage limits as per their rule.
  3. The app does not have in-app-purchases and advertisements.
  4. Parents have access to manage their kids' contact lists (Add, Approve, or remove). Also, they have visibility into how their kids are utilizing the app.
  5. Parents can monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app.
  6. Parents will get notified whenever their kids will block contacts.

How to Use -

  1. Download the Messenger kid application from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. After downloading and installing the app, Guardians will have to authenticate the child's device. The authentication will happen using their own Facebook username and password.
  3. Every kid’s account for the app will be set up by a parent.
  4. Set up the kid’s account as per your choice like profile pic, description, and sleep mode.
  5. Parents can command their kids' accounts and contacts list through the Messenger Kids Parent dashboard in their main Facebook Android and iOS app.

The advancement comes amid lockdown throughout the different parts of the world during coronavirus outbreak. With this advancement, kids will be able to connect in groups to help support learning, under parental monitoring.