Facebook Visual Search for Instagram: Facebook has recently decided and announced to expand its shopping feature on Whatsapp and Facebook Marketplace. The company declared the new development through the blog post. The post also briefed about its plans to add a visual search feature for shopping through the photo-sharing app Instagram. This feature of visual shopping is available in several countries. The visual search feature allows user to take a picture from the app and search it through the image search that will enable to find the relevant products on the decided platform using Augmented Reality(AR). The company is investing in immersive technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality that is going to be the new foundation for searching products online more easily. The discovery of a visual search tool on Instagram that is helping shoppers to find new products with the help of Augmented Reality experience that is helping people visualize products before buying as the company mentioned in the blog post. Instagram shopping starts from visual discovery as the user scrolls through the application and sees something thumb-stopping product that inspired the user. By the end of the year 2021, Instagram will be testing a new visual search system that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Facebook Visual Search for Instagram, The new features allow users to find similar products such as mosaic print dresses and that will simply give access through the products just by tapping on the image. The feature also allows taking photos from their camera to use visual search. Instagram is also helping brands to create an Augmented Reality to try a better experience in shops to help business owners have a better feel of the products that are fit for buying. The company mentioned that they are introducing new tools for small and big brands to include Augmented Products(AR) in the product catalogs in the advertisements that will show the relevant products automatically that are based on the interests of people. The feature is still at a beta version. Facebook mentioned that the visual search is going to enhancing mobile shopping and making even more sales on Instagram through the piece of media. Read More: CAN FACEBOOK NEW LIVE AUDIO ROOM IS GOING TO GIVE A TOUGH FIGHT TO CLUBHOUSE