Facebook Wifi setup: It is something that every small business owners have to do to expand their business. And this can only happen with the help of Facebook Wifi. Many people will be thinking that it's wifi services given by Facebook but it's not like that. It is a term or a methodology that is developed by Facebook to support business on the platform.

How does it work?

The Facebook wifi gives access to the user through visiting the page of the service provider or the business and check-in in using the page to get a free wifi service.

Facebook Wifi setup - How to set up Facebook Wifi?

Connecting the device with wireless and switch on the browser, Go to wireless access points settings and type your IP address in the given address bar of the browser. But if one doesn’t know the IP address, connect to the wireless and let the browser auto-read the IP address. Sign in to the browser with the user name and password. Set default user name to admin and set the password for security. If one is using this device on an insight location then one should go for admin and password instead of the location. Go to management and select configuration Wireless Basics from the options, Then choose Facebook wifi and configure your page with the provided link. Then move to next to select facebook wifi and select “Yes”. The move to HTTPS and then enable and apply it to the settings. Then click to add page button. Log in to your Facebook ID associated with the business page. Then set the basic terms and conditions that need to be followed. Session length sets a particular period or a particular amount of wifi per individual. Add this to advanced wireless settings and ass network SSID.

How is it beneficial to the business owners?

This is a process of promotion they can use to expand their business. The place provides you free wifi in return to share your location. This helps the business owners in a way that they have the most number of visitors and check-ins. Which will be showing in the nearby places and showing the facilities provided. Read More: “EMPLOYEES CAN REQUEST PERMANENT, FULL-TIME REMOTE WORK”- SAYS SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT FACEBOOK