Mobile App Strategies: You can find an App in the App store of your phone or tablet for almost anything and everything these days. About 352 billion apps are projected to be downloaded in 2021. This means that there is a lot of App fatigue to be considered. Also with technology that is always improving providing more features to users, the use demands also keep changing very rapidly.
Businesses are continuously striving to optimize their mobile app strategy. This article talks about 5 major technologies that will shape the route your business will take for mobile app development.

Android instant apps - Mobile App Strategies

factors will affect mobile app strategies near future
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Yes you read that right. Android is extensively working towards hosting such apps which will not
require an install on your phone and shall be available to use with an experience like opening
pages on web browser from any URL. This all will be possible through Google's efforts to
connect Google Web World with Android Native Apps. Instant apps have already started become part of Google Play Store.

Accelerated mobile Pages

3 seconds is all that takes to piss of a user! About 53 % of the users abandon a site if it takes
more than 3 seconds to load. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are an open source initiative,which aims to augment performance of mobile websites and web apps. The three majorcomponents involved in the process are:

AMP HTML, which is HTML with limitations

AMP JS library for fast rendering of pages

Google AMP Cache, a proxy bases content delivery network for AMP documents.

Mobile App Strategies - Mobile DevOps Tools

DevOps can be considered as the cultural shift from the traditional IT service delivery model. It
involves a set of practices to automate processes between development and IT teams to ensure that software applications are built, tested and released faster, following the regulatory compliances. This includes DevOps as the as a strategic approach for mobile app development.

Bots and Chatbots

It is predicted that 2025, most of the consumer interactions will be supported without any
human intervention.

A Chatbot is an independent text/voice based, conversational interface that uses a messaging platform for conversations. Chatbots, generally narrow in scope, works upon scripted responses, predefined algorithms and advances through cognitive learning.

Bots are apps or micro services that operate on the other apps, services or bots in response to
user request and event triggers. Bots invoke certain services or applications or use an API to
answer the request or give a response to the event.

Progressive Web Apps (pwAs)

Searches are now done most of the times on phones rather than on desktops or laptops.
Progressive Webs Apps are user experiences that have reach of web wrapped in a mobile app
like interface. With ever rising usage and dependency of people on smartphones, businesses
are making themselves visible on the web browsers. But instead of following the traditional
approach of designing a responsive or adaptive web apps , they are opting for innovative
experiences for users and PWA is enabling them to do just the same.

PWA offer look and feel exactly like that of a native mobile app, giving options like full screen
experience without address bar, navigation controls, push notification, creating shortcut on app
screen. This immersive technology aims to reduce the gap between mobile web and mobile

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