Magento eCommerce: When you own a physical store, your products or services are limited to that geographical area. But with an e-commerce website, the whole world is your field. Your products can be reached to every corner of the world where people exist. With everything being shifted towards the digital platform, one shouldn't lack behind in the race. The traditional physical stores will not totally fade away, but one should embrace the emerging technologies with time. Primarily, e-commerce platforms act as a backbone for your online retail enterprise. eCommerce, also known as e-Business or electronic business, is simply the sale and purchase of products or services over the Internet. To cut the chase, whenever you buy or sell something on the internet, eCommerce is involved. It has become very convenient and easy for a person from any corner to shop everything and anything just with a few clicks and swipes. With the evolution of smartphones, our lives have changed for the better. We are able to connect to people, things, and everything else with ease. If you are a business owner, tangled with many options of eCommerce platforms, and not able to choose 'the one' for your enterprise, then you've landed at the right place. Among the pool of options, we have come down to one best of the e-commerce sites, which has been growing and rising beyond the clouds and that is Magento eCommerce. Magento is taking over the e-commerce platform, with over a million downloads, it has been prospering in the industry for quite some time now.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source system that offers retailers complete control over their store's function, appearance, and content with a huge set of progressive, top-notch tools and features. It is a platform with built-in PHP and was created using the Zend framework. It also provides powerful marketing, search engine optimization. No wonder, it's a go-to platform for many merchants for their e-commerce applications. Now let's get more into the reasons behind Magento standing out among the rest. And with each passing day, it's striving to reach more heights. 1. Open-source The open-source version of Magento is the most used one as it offers a wide array of features that's suitable to SMBs who need an effective plan for their esteemed stores. With the platform being open, one can customize its features and get support from the huge community to build quality-oriented and secure applications.

2. Effective SEO - Magento eCommerce

When thousands of pages are maintained on an eCommerce site, SEO may fall behind in catching up with such a huge amount of sites. But with Magento, that's not the case. With sitemaps, meta-tags, title tags, meta descriptions, layered navigations your SEO results are maximized to the brim. Among all the e-commerce sites, Magento is well-known for its Search Engine Optimization capacities.

3. Specialized in eCommerce

It was the only platform that strictly focused on building an e-commerce store. It's easy to get the hang of the features and functionalities that leaves an incredible impression on the audience.

4. Seamless third-party support

It's not always beneficial to code a completely new functionality. At times, one should prefer third-party extensions. Magento is a perfect site that consistently integrates with a third-party extension to develop a robust store swiftly. 5. Multilingual and multi-currency By default, Magento offers a store view functionality where one gets to create multi-store views in their preferred languages. This takes your business to the global level without being a hassle. 6. Scalable and flexible environment When you own a digital store, it's important you get it updated with the changing trends. And with Magento, it's quite simple to scale up your website as the platform is open source.  It also offers flexible solutions to your website. 7. Highly responsive websites - Magento eCommerce Magento is also one of the few platforms triumphing the mobile-first movement with their recent Updation of PWAs- an emerging technology that has been growing like never before. And it's a proven fact that most of the sales are from smartphones. 8. Fast loading Websites With Magento eCommerce, you can bid a bye to the glitching websites. Unlike the rest, this platform functions swiftly and is the new age solution for the emerging e-stores. We already know that slow-loading pages are a huge turn-off to the end-user. Magento eCommerce has gained more brownie points in this feature as well. 9. Unlimited access to extensions and themes Magento powers a collection of extensions and themes. With its exquisite themes and varied extensions, retailers can easily expand and differentiate their stores from the rest. Conclusion Magento is the powerhouse of e-commerce sites. With its impeccable features, it's staking its claim above all the e-commerce sites. I think these mere words won't do justice to what the site has to offer. With the increasing competition, every merchant wants the best for his/her business and Magento seems the right fit. So, before you miss out on the salient features, cut the chase and leverage the services that Magento has to offer. Read More: SHOPIFY ANALYSIS FOR E-COMMERCE BUSINESS IN 2021