Fitbit is a company that makes healthcare technology products. It is founded 13 years ago in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman.

James Park said that we came with a bold plan but we did it very simple to make the world healthier and to make them aware of their health.

Founder and CEO of Fitbit James Park announced by a letter that “Fitbit is now officially part of Google”. He said that it is a proud and exciting moment for us as a company and for the users of the Fitbit around the globe for this success.

He also clearly said in the letter by which he gave this wonderful news to the world that since shipping the original Fitbit tracker to now having sold more than 120 devices in over 100 countries, the mission has never wavered.

The users always praise the device and even their users also said that this helped them in saving their lives. James also proudly wrote, “Together we have completed 275 trillion steps and logged over 15 billion hours of sleep”.

We can do even better to inspire and motivate the user towards better health after becoming part of the Google family, happily expressed James.

He also informs that now they will provide more choices, innovate faster, and better products to help the user’s health and to complete their wellness needs.

We did our best by launching the wristbands which pioneer steps, make aware with heart rate, sleep, and stress tracking, and now with the access to Google’s incredible resources, the possibilities are truly limitless. 

This will create so many opportunities to make ourselves better and give a better service to the users of Fitbit and the services which are loved by the users will remain the same.

He assured that we will stay committed to doing what is right, to putting your health as the central concern of the company, and will offer a no-one-size-all approach with choices that will work with both android and iOS. 

The trust will continue paramount of the users and they will not be disappointed by the services. This will also be ensured that the data privacy and security will get strong protection and you will also able to know that what we collect and why.

He also makes it clear that Google will not use the user’s data in ads and will protect the Fitbit’s user’s data. Google confirms that it will allow Fitbit users to choose to connect with third party services.

That means you will be able to connect with your favorite health and wellness apps without any interruption. These and other commitments by Google will tell why Google is an ideal partner for Fitbit who will help further in the mission of making the world healthier.