New App Ideas: There are so many business ideas these days. An important fact about the startup ecosystem is that an idea is the core for any business and money just revolves around it. The most difficult part of a business is to come up with new ideas every now and then. You might have thought about various ideas to start something on your own many times but you did not proceed because you didn’t know if these ideas could actually be converted into successful businesses. Have you ever wondered if you could start making money and start a business by just coming up with new ideas?

Yes, you read it right. There is an opportunity to start earning by coming up with new ideas. Not everyone has this gift of getting ideas that are useful to businesses. One such sector where you can actually start making money from ideas is the mobile app development sector. But how can you get ideas for new Apps often? There are many apps out there already which have already converted your idea into a successfully running App. This article helps you to come up with new ideas to create Apps.

Prefer value proposition of idea over ROI - New App Ideas

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Every app developer will agree with this initial point. When you start building an App you never think about the return on investment that you will get from the App. There are many Apps in the market which do not make any profits. But still are very popular. But said that, Apps once
popular can help you make a lot of money. It’s just in the initial stages where you have to focus more on the quality of the App and not on the monetary aspect of it.

Theory of Red Sea Vs Blue Sea

If an idea is already existing in market and still attracts startups to build new similar business then it is like entering into a market which is already bleeding Red. There is no harm doing so, if one feels that saturation has still not reached in that domain and that he can have his own piece of cake in that business. Startups still try Match Making Apps, Travel and Booking related Apps, Uber Types apps, Real Estate Search Apps etc despite the fact that none of these is a new idea.

It can be returning because the entrepreneur will not be required to convince people that his new app is worth giving a shot. Contrary to this, joining a Blue Sea means a startup launching a very new idea for the masses. Innovation and being first in the market with a stunning idea has certainly its own advantages but this can have its own problems and the
major one is that such startups put lot of their energy in convincing people about the value of the product. So both Red Sea and Blue Sea have their own positives and negatives. One must do perfect calculations while searching for a new business idea for his or her own startup.

New App Ideas - Market study

This is the simplest way to get fresh ideas for a new App. There are hundreds of Apps that are already out in the market. Look at each one of them and see which you want to modify. You might have an idea which makes the same App user friendly and you can build another App on
the same lines of the already existing App but with significant modifications.

Look around you

The best way to find an idea would be to search for it in your surroundings. Look around you and see what would make it better. It can be something that might help you move around more easily, assist the elderly people or may avoid people from standing in long ques. You can get an idea from just anything in your surrounding if you are really looking for it.

Start socializing

The more you talk to people, the more you learn. You learn about different kinds of people and their way of doing things. It is known that there exist many solutions for the same problem. When you start talking to more people you come to know about many kinds of problems that
you might have not even thought of, otherwise. Also, many a times when someone shares their experience you can always get to know more information and see how you would have reacted if you were there in their position and get an App idea from that experience.

Develop a hobby

When you decide that you are serious about building an App that must reach people, make it a practice to list down ideas every day. Ensure that you try and list at least 15 ideas each day to build an App. It will be difficult and tricky in the beginning, but believe me as you keep doing it, it becomes an easy process and within a very short period of time you will have an excellent idea to start building an App.

Once you have an idea, you can find a developer and a programmer to build the App for you. We at Yugasa Software Labs provide business consultancy about building the right product
using right resources. We perform a thorough study of your business idea after signing an NDA
and suggest best feature set for your product based on the industry you target. We handhold
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