Google Currents app Google+: Google has officially shut down its venture for the social network, Google Plus, and rebranded it as Google Currents. After shutting down personal accounts for Google Plus last year, the tech giant announced it would soon replace the social network with Google Currents for business users.

The Google Currents app can now be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

According to the listing, Currents, which is an enterprise-focused app, allows users to interact with each other, share ideas and information, connect with like-minded people who have common interests, keep an eye on what's happening in other departments and with trending tags around organizations.

Also, users can use Google's advanced search across Currents to find topics and conversations too.

However, it is available as of now only to G Suite customers. "Currents are available for G Suite customers only. Check with your G Suite IT Administrator to learn more," the listing added.

The URL will continue to function and from now on users will be automatically redirected to, according to sources.

It was in 2018, to remember, that Google announced the introduction of the Google Currents application for customers of G Suite. The company decided to shut down Google Plus as not only it had "low usage and engagement," but also found many security flaws that ultimately resulted in its decision to shut down Google+. Google then began shutting down and removing user accounts in 2019 and released Currents' beta version shortly.


"Currents makes it easy to have meaningful discussions by enabling leaders and employees to exchange ideas across the organization and gather valuable feedback and input from others — without flooding inboxes," Google said at the time of its launch in an official blog post.

We have to see if it gets enough exposure, Currents could be the next LinkedIn for corporates or the next Facebook for business peoples.