Google Meet Web App, Now the users of Google Meet can use the web application rather than typing in the URL or navigating it with the help of Gmail. Google in competition has launched its web application just after Zoom has launched its web app recently. Google now has launched a standalone web app for Google Meet. Google meets web application is also known as the progressive Web Application which consists of all the features of Google Meet and this is strictly for the web. With the help of this, the user no longer has to type it in the URL section for opening Google Meet or to use Gmail to turn on the meeting. Now, one can easily download the application on their laptop or computer and jump directly on the application. There is no difference between the Google Meet and the Google Meet web application in the functionality, these Progressive Web Applications such as Zoom and Google Meet are essential websites that function as web applications along with the device application. But if one has downloaded the Google Meet web application has no longer needed to search for it or use the browser to turn on the meeting. Now, the one with the downloaded application to directly get through the application is similar to the mobile devices. The company has launched the new Google Meet standalone web application and that this Progressive Web Application has all the similar features as the Google Meet on the web but now the standalone app has made it easier to find and use it and it also streamlines the workflow of an individual by eliminating the need of switching between the Web and the Google Meet web application between the tabs, Google stated. The new Google Meet web app is now accessed on any device with the help of Google Chrome web browser version 73 and will be working upon any Operating System no matter what one use which means one can use the Google Meet web application on the Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Such application is handy and can be used through anyone and anywhere across the globe with the help of the Chromebook. Read More: GOOGLE TO STOP ITS 16-YEAR-OLD SERVICE