Google photos free storage end: There has been a recent development regarding google photos. The service you knew, liked, loved because of its free nature is likely to take a U-turn on its stand.

Earlier last week, Google photos announced that it will at this point don't uphold an unlimited and free high-quality storage policy.

This change will come into effect from June 1, 2021. Essentially from this date, all high-quality photographs and recordings you upload to Google Photos will count against your Google Drive Storage, which is a takeoff from the previous approach.

Although the photos and videos uploaded at original resolution were already counted against the storage; the free strategy was for high-quality and express quality photographs and videos. 

For some Google Photos users, this news unquestionably comes as a mistake, given the service had become the default alternative to store photographs online without agonizing over space.

With the free storage alternative disappearing, in the event that you were thinking about how long your Google Storage will last, the organization has declared a helpful new tool also.

David Lieb, Product Lead for Google Photos, tweeted about the tool, which will give clients a gauge with respect to their capacity standard. 

Clients can access the tool at For our situation, it shows that the capacity will last over four years, however, this is a paid account.

Remember this estimate is based on how frequently you backup photos and videos. In the event that you are continually transferring photos and videos and still on the free Google account, you will probably run out of space sooner and might need to move up to the paid option. 

Google photos free storage end: Right now Google offers clients 15GB of information stockpiling free, which checks towards Google Drive and Gmail and Photos and videos, which are transferred to the user's accounts.

For the individuals who need more stockpiling, you need to apply to the Google One service and pay for additional capacity. 

Google says they won't count against your Google Account storage. Remember this new change applies to high-quality and express quality photographs and recordings.

On the off chance that you were transferring at original quality, at that point they were at that point tallying towards the Google Account storage. 

Clients with a Pixel gadget will keep on getting free unlimited storage for photographs and videos backed up from their phone.

Google likewise says that most clients won't arrive at a breaking point for quite a long time, and they will give an update if a client needs to make a move after June 1, 2021. 

Google Photos storage tool not working? 

The page clarifies that sometimes this tool probably won't show an estimate if 

  1. The client has not consistently uploaded content in the course of recent months. 
  2. The client is as of now near the capacity amount limit or is out of capacity. 
  3. For accounts gave through work, school, family, or other gatherings. 

Google's new storage management tool is coming 

Lieb had similarly tweeted that Google "will dispatch some new tools that make it simpler to distinguish and erase content that you would prefer not to store."

The tool will apparently help recognize dim, hazy photographs, long recordings, and all the more so the client can erase them. 

Google says the apparatus will probably be accessible in June 2021 and will assist clients with dealing with their storage better. 

What happens when you cross the extra room after June 1, 2021? 

In the event that you run out of extra room on your Google Account, you won't have the option to back up any extra photographs and recordings after June 1, 2021.

Google says in the event that you are over quota for two years, your content might be affected.