Google Search Result Page: Google has rolled out another feature for search results that will give extra data about sites even before users open them or visits them.

The move means to help individuals make educated choices on which websites they need to visit, particularly in situations where the search results are not from the sites familiar to the user.

Google Search Result Page

Google Search Result Page, Google has added a menu symbol next to the outcomes on Google, tapping on which will give clients extra details on where the data is coming from.

The feature makes it simpler to find out about a site without tapping on it or opening it, contrasted with where earlier one has to Google Search to do some extra research about the destinations.

"With this extra detail, you can settle on a more educated choice about the websites you might need to visit and what results will be valuable for you," Google said in a blog post.

Also keep in my, that the details of a particular website shown by Google are not from any random source but the data sourced and portrayed from Wikipedia.

The feature will prove to be useful when searching for something significant related to health or finance, and users need to tap on a site they haven't known about previously.

In such cases, that extra data can give you detail or significant serenity, says Google.

For sites that don't have a Wikipedia portrayal, Google will show users accessible extra data, for example, when Google initially listed the site.

"For the highlights, Google gives to put together various kinds of data, similar to work postings or nearby professional resources, you'll see a depiction about how Google sources that data from locales on the web, or from organizations themselves, and presents it in a supportive arrangement," as per Google. 

What's more, the component will likewise show if the client's association with the webpage is secure dependent on its utilization of the HTTPS convention, which will help them stay protected on the web.

Prominently, the element will begin turning out in English in the US on work areas, versatile web, and the Google App on Android. There is no data on when the component will be delivered in India.

Also, as per the rumors, the detail feature will have significant importance while ranking a search result by Google.