Google using AI to develop chips: Google claims to have created artificial intelligence software that is capable of designing computer chips faster than average humans. In a report published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, the tech giant claimed that a microchip that would take people months to build can be created in less than six hours by its new AI. According to Google, the AI has already been utilised to construct the next generation of its tensor processing unit chips, which are used to do AI-related activities. The researchers, overseen by Google's co-heads of machine learning for systems, Azalia Mirhoseini and Anna Goldie, noted, "Our method has been utilized in production to create the next version of Google TPU." To put it another way, Google is utilising artificial intelligence to design circuits that can be used to develop even more advanced AI systems. Google's latest AI can, for example, create a chip's "floorplan." This entails charting where CPUs, GPUs, and RAM are positioned on the silicon die in relation to one another – their placement on these tiny boards is critical since it influences the chip's power consumption and processing performance. Google using AI to develop chips, Humans take months to perfect these floorplans, but Google's deep reinforcement learning system — an algorithm that's been trained to execute specific activities in order to increase its chances of getting a reward — can accomplish it in a fraction of the time. Read More: TRANSFERRING PHOTOS FROM GMAIL TO GOOGLE PHOTOS MADE EASIER