Google was down an hour: Google, on December 14, suffered a major outage worldwide. It majorly affected the two main Google services i.e, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Major G Suite services like Meet, Docs, Gmail, and Drive were affected too. This kind of outage is the worst situation any internet company could face, as it gives fuel to the incompetent image of that company. 

According to the diagnosis done by Google, the widespread outage that knocked out major services like Gmail and Youtube was the result of a mistake with its system for identifying people online.

This whole facade of the situation happened because of the internal changes that were happening inside the company. 

To add to the explanation, Google says that the main reason behind the outage of the Google services was with Google’s Automated Storage Quota Management System, which reduced the capacity of the authentication system suddenly.

This reduced capacity in-turn blocks people from logging into their accounts, thus leading to this sudden outage of Google services.

Google was down an hour, Google has a set of tools that it uses to verify and track logged-in users. Recently, In October, they announced the moving of these tools in a new file storage system for better efficiency.

During this whole process, tools misreported the number of users online, according to sources. This error during the migrations of the tool caused the 47-minute outage of Google services. This has been the third outage faced by Google In the year 2020.

The company is however trying its level best to tackle these outages to provide a hassle-free experience to their customers.

About 15% of requests made to Google cloud services were disturbed during the Monday blackout, the organization said. 

On Tuesday, Google's Gmail services had yet another episode. The organization credited this to an issue with data migration.