Google's new Ad platform: Google sites are needed to maintain their privacy from the perspective of users as the hey reason is the bugs in the new platform. Tech giant Google is has a fear of both the digital ad distribution market and browser and that’s why the company decided for turning gatekeeper. After Google was forced to cut down its commission on Play Store, now Indian start-ups are opposing the tech giant’s move for blocking third-party cookies for digital ads which are visible on Chrome browser. In response to the earlier statement given by Google, it was mentioned that maintain the privacy of the users was going to be the key feature of the new platform. Google’s new Ad platform, Federated Learning of Cohorts stated that it will create Google as a gatekeeper of both the digital advertisement distribution market and the browser for small start-ups. ADIF is a non-profit organization that represents the ecosystem of Indian start-ups. The organization consists of more than 210 active members which include, MapMyInida, Sheroes, GOQii Innov8, and Paytm. Executive Director at Alliance of Digital India Foundation. Sijo Kuruvilla George stated that Google is all set for adopting the same playbook as it uses to be earlier by extending its deadline and settling down the technology as a better alternative for maintaining privacy but the matter is to resolve to issue of third party applications and cookies which is the backbone of the internet and how it works. As it is very democratized and decentralized but if Federated Learning of Cohorts is going to implement on it would be going to set its challenges. Google’s new Ad platform, Google already use to have a monopoly on browsers and search with the help of Chrome but with the implementation of FLoC, Google might be in danger of becoming a gatekeeper, and that will going to give more market dominance to the company which is going to make an impact on the other players in the internet economy at a disadvantage. Third-party cookies are used to keep a track record of the user's activity for example pages visited and the interest of the individual. But the FLoC wants Google to create a group analysis of the users for tech ad companies rather than individuals. Read More: GOOGLE TO STOP PROVIDING SERVICES TO THE OLD ANDROID VERSION FROM 27TH SEPTEMBER