AI for business: If you are a tech geek or a business owner with a website or mobile application, one of the terms that you come across most frequently would certainly be artificial intelligence or one of its multi-branched technologies like machine learning, data mining, etc. If you have wondered what all this hype is all about, think no more. You have landed in the right page. In this article, we will be discussing how artificial intelligence can add value to your business.

Firstly, let us understand what artificial intelligence is! AI is the ability of the systems to respond to the inputs received, without being implicitly trained for it. This is possible with the use of algorithms, usage analysis, data-sets and other cognitive observations. Even though there are talks that AI will replace the human labor, AI has only been able to help humans in their day-to-day mundane tasks. Thus making their lives easier and also helping them concentrate on the more complex jobs that actually need their attention.

Let us discuss some ways in AI can add value to a business:

Improved customer relations - AI for business

how ai can add value and viability to your business application
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It can be agreed upon without much of a debate that one of the jobs that has a very bland routine is that of customer service and support where an agent (Human) has to answer to the same questions over and over again. Many a times the quality of customer service and support in many of the companies decreases rapidly because of this reason. Deploying AI for this has proved to be one of the most successful applications of AI. Virtual Customer Assistants (VCAs) are becoming very popular these days with most of the businesses using a chatbot or a similar technology that makes use of technologies like predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, etc. which are all derivatives of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning

Are you into the business of marketing? If yes, then I’m assuming you have already started using artificial intelligence in your business to ensure you stay at the top of it. But if your answer is no. then here is why you should no longer wait to get AI into business! Cognitive learning, popularly known as machine learning is a technology that enables systems to learn from previous inputs and make a decision. This can be used in marketing business by deploying various algorithms to understand what a customer is looking for when he or she visits a website or an app. You can also analyse their movement and help them navigate in a better way.

AI for business - Data to Text Conversion

For an app to successfully run a lot of databases and data-sets are loaded and ensured that the end user can use the app successfully. But many a times it so happens that that database is so complicated that users find it impossible to use the application. This can be avoided by using data conversion or the natural language processing technology (NLP) to ensure that all the data at the back end is converted into a language that can be easily understood by the users.

Audio to text conversion

Gone are those days where the only way to input data into an application or website was by typing. All one has to do now would be to just speak to the websites or applications for them to analyse the input and generate the required output. This has been possible only because of the technology called speech recognition. Some of the popular examples of this technology could be Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple or Google Assistant by Google.

By now you must have understood about the potential of AI in adding value to your business. If you need any further assistance feel free to contact our team of experts for bringing AI into your business to scale it to new heights.