BYJU’S App cost: BYJU'S is a top-rated and well-known online learning platform. Byju's Raveendran created it in Bangalore in 2011.

With a market capitalization of $5.4 billion in March 2019, it was the world's most valuable tech business.

It employs approximately 9000 people (2020). This application, which is based on the e-learning / m-learning concept, delivers a simple and distinctive video class module for even the most difficult subjects.

This program spans grades 4 through 12 and offers a variety of courses including GMAT, ICSE, CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE, NEET, Bank Exams, and more.

Benefits of online class - BYJU’S App cost

  1. Availability:

It is accessible 24x7 across the globe. It is available to serve its student at any time.

  1. Efficient:

It is very efficient because it saves our lot of time. We don't need to rely on a particular time to study. We can continue our studies whenever we want.

  1. Offers:

It gives appealing offers and discounts to their customer's or they may give the student some demo videos for a particular course so that they can watch the videos and if they like the video they can purchase the course this helps them to expand their business.

  1. Student Progress data:

It stores the data of the student and shows the progress report at the end of every quiz. 

  1. Payment:

It gives various payment options such as payment through credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery. 

  1. Feedback:

It generally takes reviews of their apps and their services so that they can improve their work, features, and any error related to the teaching of the instructor. 

Major factors which decide the costing of an app

  1. What combinations are required to satisfy your business idea:

Your business idea decides your requirements of an app. If your app is like uber/ola then your app must require a navigation system, a wallet system, payment gateway, and an OTP system from the user end. There are many more factors which decide the cost of the app

  • Web Admin: Web admins set up the host and configure the access for the user. Web admins works are generally related to back-end programming and generally work with the database of the user.
  • Discussion forum: It is a very essential feature for an app like BYJU’S where the students can have a healthy discussion on any topic or they can share their opinion as well as can interact with other students pursuing the same course.
  • Online Exam / Mock Test: This feature enables the student to check their performance as well as the instructor can see their learning. These features are required for online learning platform.
  • Instructor App: Every instructor has an app to check the progress of a student. They will also help in answering the questions of the student and also to guide them.
  1. App platform:

There are various platforms where the apps are being launched such as android and iOS. The costing of an app is decided by the number of platforms you are going to launch your app.

  1. Requirements for a functional website:

There are a lot of things required to launch a website such as SSL certificate, domain name, payment gateways, security, and many more.

  • Web hosting: Web hosts are companies that charge fees to host websites on the internet. The user can access the website by the web address. There are many companies such as,, and many more. The charges may vary from your requirements. Web hosting cost varies from $10-$50 per year based on your requirements.
  • SSL security: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer also known as a digital certificate, to create this secure connection it is installed on web servers and has two functions: It authenticates the identity of the website and it encrypts data that is being transmitted. Purchasing SSL certificates may cost $125-$150 per year.
  • Domain Name: Domain names are used to identify IP addresses. It is the address that we type int the URL address bar. You can buy the domain name from web hosting companies.
  • Google Play Store and Apple Play Store License Fees: For Android apps, developer fees can range from free up to matching the Apple App Store fee of $99/year. Google Play has a one-time fee of $25. Apple developer license - $99 per year. Apple developer enterprise license - $299 per year (for developing and distributing in-house iOS apps)
  • Payment Gateway Commission: Payment gateway act as an intermediate between the bank accounts and website accounts it helps in transferring the amount with an encrypted security layer. Payment gateway guarantees secure payment that no third party can interrupt the transaction. Paypal, Paytm, PayU, and many more. TDR (Transaction Discounting Rate) on each transaction anything between 3% to 5%, commission on exchange rate during currency conversion close to 2% to 4%.

How much does it cost to make app like BYJU’S

Many factors control the cost of an app making such as is there any necessity of payment gateway or not, whether it requires GPS navigation or not, and many more. The overall co=st of an app is decided by its complexity and its which they are going to deliver to their customer. Cost may differ from country to country.

It is a bit of a difficult task to make an app like BYJU’S. It is not a simple task to build we need to care three things: 

  1. UI enhancement:

The UI of an should be good company spends a lot of money on UI designers. It should be user friendly and it should as easy as ABC to access.

  1. Data Privacy:

The data which are entered by the user such as mobile number, email id, credit, and debit card and passwords information should be encrypted. 

  1. App size:

A user always wants that the app should consume less memory.

Developing cost can vary from $10000-$45000 depending on the cost of infrastructure company deploys in developing the application. Please click here to reach out to Yugasa to know more precise costing of an app.

App development may require the following personnel: 

  • Project manager: Communicates with the team and the client to avoid gaps and keeps a check on deadlines. They charge $17.50 per hour.
  • Developer: They develop the app by writing the codes and fixes bugs. They charge a minimum of $15 per hour.
  • Designer: Responsible for the way the app looks and user-friendliness of the app. They charge $12 per hour.
  • Tester: Ensures the app performs as per requirements. They charge $12 per hour.
  • Back end developer: Ensures effective and uninterrupted communication between servers and databases for the proper functioning of the app. They charge $15 per hour.
  • Statics analysis: They give the progress of a student in the form of graphs and charts to show the progress. They charge $15 per hour.

The BYJU’S like app cost is determined on the following fundamental and high

level features including the circumstances discussed before.

  • App platform- The BYJU’S App development cost varies based on different platforms; Android costs relatively higher than the iOS platform, it mainly has more devices to be tested.
  • App size- The Cost of an App like BYJU’S depends on the overall size of an app is formed by its features and its functionality. This results in various surplus charges.
  • App design- The Cost of an App like BYJU’S depends on designs, it is important to draw the attention of the kids through their interactive designs.  
  • App Developer- Development cost of BYJU’S like app varies with a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influencing the development of the app. The more the experienced the developer is the more money he will cost.

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