Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website: Instagram works not only to make you jealous of your friend’s travel photos, but it also reaches beyond to help marketers and businesses strategically use Instagram content for their marketing activities. From creating organic and creative content to engage followers to reach targeted audiences with powerful ad campaigns, Instagram is solving every aspect of social media marketing problems for marketers.  Now Instagram content is not limited to creating and uploading content for Instagram only, but it is also for embellishing websites with creative and interesting content to lure visitors to the website.  Instagram is a solid platform for everything to promote and build affinity with customers, but now, with the advanced technology, it is possible to add Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website effortlessly.  Here we will guide you on how you can add amazing and vibrant-looking Instagram posts into your marketing campaign. By the end of this blog, you will get to know everything about Instagram feeds from how to add them to your website using different ways as well as why you should add Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website. So without making a further delay, let’s get straight to exploring how you embed them on your website.

Two Best Ways To Add Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

Adding Instagram feeds or posts on the Squarespace website can be incorporated in two ways, either you can add it through the Instagram app - using the embed option or you can use an Instagram feed tool to add multiple Instagram posts at the same time.  Both ways have their consequences which you will get to know later. Apart from these, using any other method would be cheap and damage the quality of your content - like many add Instagram content by taking snapshots and paste them into the content.  Learn how you can add Instagram feeds on the Squarespace website using these two best and effective methods. Here we go, 

Official Instagram App

Without any struggle, you can add Instagram feeds on the Squarespace website directly through the Instagram app. It is an affordable and effective way to integrate Instagram posts on the website from the official tool. You can select any Instagram posts from your account or even from any other handle or account and add them to your website in a single click.  To start adding Instagram posts from the official Instagram app, select a post that you want to display on your website. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post, select the ‘Embed Code’ option from the menu list, or if it doesn’t appear click on show more option in the menu list.  You find a code that will be generated in a box. Copy it and paste it on the website where you want to display the content on your web page. Save the changes and you have successfully added an Instagram post on your Squarespace website.  This method of embedding Instagram feeds is completely free but with drawbacks that you cannot customize the post, only add one post at a time, and takes lots of space on your web page. 

Instagram Feed Tool

Now we are going to talk about the best way to add Instagram feeds on the Squarespace website using the Instagram feed tool. Using these tools you can aggregate multiple Instagram posts at a time.  With these tools, you can collect Instagram posts using hashtags, mentions, stories, handles, tags, etc., and craft them beautifully to embed Instagram posts on your website.  Using the Instagram feed app, you can also customize the aggregated Instagram feeds into beautiful designs and make creative content to display on the website. Moreover, these tools also offer various features & functionalities so that you can enhance the performance of your Instagram feeds as well as retrieve the most out of your investment.  One of the greatest benefits of the Instagram feed app is that you can add and customize multiple Instagram posts, which makes your Instagram feed more appealing and exciting. These tools come with free plans but to access more features you need to upgrade your tool. 

Why You Should Embed Instagram Feeds on Your Squarespace Website?

Embedding Instagram feeds on the Squarespace website retrieves some exceptional benefits which are not even possible with marketing strategies or others. Embedding Instagram feeds on the website boosts the visibility and appearance of your website with vibrant Instagram posts.  Also, creatively designed content increases visitor’s engagement and dwell time on your website.  You can also embed user-generated content on your business website, which will increase the authenticity and trustworthiness of your website.  Once you embellish your Squarespace website with Instagram feeds, you can improve the conversion, audience retention, and ROI of your website. 

Wrapping Up!

With the use of the right tool, you are not away from making amazing Instagram posts live on your website. Instagram feeds boost the interactive and interesting content on your Squarespace website and build a powerful display on content with unique Instagram posts.  So start using these tools and enhance your website with attractive and captivating content that also boosts reliable content on your website. Read More: