Logistic Mobile App: When we hear the word 'Logistics', the first thing that strikes our mind is hectic processes, long & chaotic paperwork, constant monitoring, and never-ending manual labor. But thanks to the existing and emerging technologies, the logistic industry has seen a massive shift on many levels over the years. These apps enable proper communication between the shippers & drivers. At the same time, it helps to navigate through various ways, reduce budget, offer convenience, while expanding the businesses with increasing efficiency. The logistic industry is witnessing a tremendous change and is growing at an extraordinary rate. Today, most entrepreneurs are keen on leveraging this technology considering it's up to brim benefits. In case, you're stepping into the logistic industry, then this might be the right place. In the above article, we have covered the basic information required to build a logistic mobile app.

How does a Logistic Mobile App Work?

The Logistics apps help retail organizations to manage everyday business quite efficiently without much effort. These apps are capable of processing a large number of things such as fleet tracking, shipment, transportation, real-time monitoring, analysis, and much more. And hence, industries can operate their businesses without many bumps in between the processes.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Logistic Mobile App?

1. Manage Fleet & Warehouse processes

The success of any logistic business usually depends on how effortlessly it manages fleets and warehouses using advanced technologies. And this results in enhanced productivity and functioning. These apps allow you to gather and store data efficiently when compared to manual paperwork. And thus this reduces the chances of data loss or misplacing of data. Without a doubt, these applications are extremely useful to keep inaccuracies and errors at bay.

2. Confirmations

These apps ensure real-time confirmation of the whole delivery process. This way, both the retailer and the customer can get the status of the order to confirm the product delivery.

3. Track Vehicle

Logistics Apps are known for being accurate about the delivery of goods at the right time and the right place. This is achieved with the help of Geolocation functionality, which allows the users or the admins to track vehicle location and also notifies the customers of their whereabouts.

4. No Paperwork - Logistic Mobile App

It is certainly a handful to manage a whole lot of paperwork when it comes to the logistics business. Thus, the easy way out is to design and develop a mobile app to put an end to the nerve-wracking process with everything being streamlined.

5. Effortless Online Booking

These days, most people get their work done through mobile phones, whether it's the retailer or the end-user. With logistic apps, you can book a cargo or a courier with just a few slides and taps.

General Features to include in a Logistics Apps

1. Features for User Panel

  • Registration & Profile
  • Book a Vehicle
  • Options for Vehicle Type
  • Manage/ Schedule Trip
  • Push up Notifications for the status of the delivery
  • Rate & Review Services availed
  • History of Bookings
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • View Invoice via Email or SMS
  • View Driver Data
  • Share transportation details

2. Features for Driver/ Trucker Panel

  • Login/ manage profile
  • Upload Documents for Id verification
  • View Rate Card according to the distance & weight of the goods
  • Cancel Trip
  • Select Vehicle Type driver is operating
  • In-App call with customers
  • Accept/Reject pickup requests
  • View User & Consignment Data
  • Push Notifications
  • Set Route & Use Navigation Map

3. Features for Admin/ Dispatcher Panel

  • Manage User/Drivers/Fleet
  • Manage Billing & Invoice
  • Manage User Complaints
  • Manage & Track trips
  • Create Multi-Stop Routes
  • Offer Discounts
  • Offer Subscription plan to regular customers
  • View/ Generate Reports to Track revenue & User acquisition statistics

Advanced Features to add in a Logistic Mobile App

1. Notifications

This feature will allow the app to instantly alert the end-user regarding their placed purchase's whereabouts and other essential information.

2. Ratings & Review

With this helpful feature, the app users would be able to rate and review your operation and the functionality of the mobile app as per its performance. And you can improve your logistics mobile app based on the customers' insights.

3. In-app Chat

It is an integral feature for a logistics app, as it enables the user to get in touch with the retailer and clear the air regarding the products or services. And also get answers to their queries regarding any delay in the delivery or related things.

4. AI-based Chatbots

Chatbots are crucial for B2B and also B2C fields. These days, most apps that offer products and services are equipped with a chatbot development that helps the users to navigate through the app with ease.

5. Multi-Language Support

Often drivers using the app might not be familiar with the English language and hence leveraging multi-language functionality enables them to use the app easily without any language barriers. Hence such features make the logistics business more flexible and scalable that allow proper coordination with the drivers from various regions.

6. Cloud Storage - Logistic Mobile App

A logistics business usually deals with massive amounts of data and for storing those huge piles of data, it is mandatory for an organization to include cloud storage. Having a Cloud integrated not only helps in storing data but also to access data regarding users or drivers regardless of time and place. Conclusion: It is undeniable that the future of logistics apps is extremely unreachable and this industry is thriving in the market like no other. And with emerging high-end technologies, these apps are surely going to make it big. Many businesses have already realized the above fact and are already making use of these apps or are in the process of getting there. Hope this article provides you with enough knowledge that you end up leveraging this top-notch technology trend as well. Read More: HOW TO HIRE A DEDICATED TEAM OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS IN 2021