Mobile App Investors: Development of mobile apps is not a one-man job, it includes a specialized person for it's each process like planning, plotting, idea, hard work, and the most important thing is the funding.

All the important aspects of the development does not come from one person or it's very rare that an individual person is able to do all the things on their own. Every part of the work is performed by a specialized person who gives their full effort to make the app success full.

Only with a revolutionary mobile app development idea, one cannot build a mobile app. Investors play a crucial role in a mobile app development process, it helps you to develop your mobile app quicker and faster, will pay for app marketing to ensure your app comes in front of all those people who will surely use and take benefit from it. Investors will also support you to pay your staff if you have not yet monetized properly.

There are several ways to fund your mobile app but finding a proper app investor will always be the best solution. App investors always ready to invest their money in those potential and feasible ideas which can bring revolution in the mobile app market.

But it is a very complex and tricky job to bring the attention of the mobile app investors to your mobile app idea. They interested to know the process of idea execution, as they know that there are a lot of ideas present that are identical in nature. So, with the execution work, you can prove that your app is worth the investment.

So, if you are excited to know the approaches which can help you to find your app investor then keep these points in your mind which are listed below:

Know Your App Niche - Mobile App Investors

how to get investors for your mobile app the refined guide
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In this revolutionary mobile app industry, it has been found that there is a special app for almost all daily life necessities.

So, here arise a big question about your mobile app development idea is- does your app idea is different or unique from the existing one or not?

To find the answer to this question you will have to survey if there is even a requirement for your app in the industry, people will get benefit from using it and it will bring revolution in the market or not.

It is very crucial to know because the app investors would not be interested in those ideas which already exist in the market.

The second thing which should be monitor is to inspect your competitors. Competitors can be an obstacle to your business plan. So, to secure your business and app it is necessary to find out what your competitors are providing their consumers, is it the same service which you are planning for your customer, and how it stimulates their company growth.


After recognizing the market status and your consumers' needs, illuminate the app idea that how it will affect the user's daily life. Identify the target audience, app's features, functionality, and strategies that will give a huge benefit and victory of the investment to the app investors.

Brand Your App -

Branding is a practice that will distinguish your app from the other apps and services present in the market.

Branding of your app is very essential because it will not only build a unique impression but also permit your client and investor to know what can be expected from you and your company.

Explaining a complete product to the investor is so much easy than to pitch an obscure idea and concept. Get a proper domain name, sketch, mockup of your website and present a proper mockup of your app to the investor that will show how it will look like and work.

Help your investors to understand the distinct scope of your app idea, this will show your idea and extra efforts to the success of app development.

With the strong app branding, you can present your investors that they got everything in one place. Whenever you require help, you can hire a development company to work on the app mockup, app logo, design, boost awareness for your app.

Mobile App Investors - Develop an Elevator Pitch

Investors are those who always surrounded by a lot of people, these are those people who contend to grab the attention of the investor to give funds in their business.

Investors are very engaged people, you will get a small or limited amount of time to describe your app idea and motive to them.

That's why your elevator pitch needs to be expressive and attention capturing which will clearly describe the app's purpose. An elevator pitch is how you would explain and present your app idea to someone if you had a short elevator ride to discuss with them.

Within that fixed period, you will have to explain the aim of the app, its features, and functionality, and the purpose of developing the app for the users.

Once they will get interested in your idea, you will have extensive time to describe your app idea and motive, budget discussion, project timeline, and many other things.

Build an Interactive Prototype or MVP

Prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) provide a real user experience and knowledge and gives an opportunity to evaluate the potential of the mobile app.

Showing your investor an interactive and real prototype is the best way to impress them. Build a smooth prototype of the app or design an MVP with the basic features that are essential for working an app. This will give the ability to the investors to interact with the app and will definitely express your sincerity of the app development.

Construct a Pitch Deck

The most essential thing which comes after your elevator pitch is the pitch deck. You will have to prepare for your Pitch deck which describes the idea of the app to your investor.

A pitch deck is a presentation that contains the details of the app's specific features and functionality, budget for hiring, the development processes, marketing strategies, campaign strategies, Devices and tools, and much more.


You need to create a pitch deck of 10 slides of 20 min which will contain the value and future of the app, importance of the app for the market, your set target market,

statistics, charts, branding, and other highlights of the app that will point out that your app deserves a huge investment and will be a revolutionary model in the market.

Find Out the type of Funding You Need

Before asking the people to invest in your app, you should know and learn the basic things of investment and funding which is done in a step by step process of the development.

The funding round helps to brush your app in each round. If you are a startup and looking for the funding then in this case either you will look for Pre-seed or seed type of funding for your app. In the pre-seed round, you will be your first investor and you will have to invest your money in the app for market research to need your app.

After doing the market research and knowing the interest of the people in the app the second seed funding comes in the view. For further research, initial development, and hiring will need seed funding. Seed funding will range from $10 thousand to $2 million in which angel investors want to take a risk with the mobile app idea.

Getting funding from the investor does not show the end of the process. Actually it is a beginning for a lot of other new processes, as the mobile app development process has no end. Mobile apps always need improvement or enhancement in the designs, features, functionalities, UI, etc. On the other hand, with the innovation in technologies and to maintain excellent user experience, it requires an update of the app version, an update of the Operating System and programming languages and frameworks. While moving through the funding rounds avoid the difficulties which come in the path and practice your pitch every time. So, these are the approaches you can keep in your mind while planning for an investor for your mobile app idea.