Hire Indian Software Developers: If your company wants to tap into the vast pool of global talent to fill remote positions. You'll need to know how to find, hire, and pay employees in other countries.

Once you have that information, you can target your hiring to fill specific roles with skilled workers from countries that specialize in certain fields.

Hire Indian Software Developers, Software engineers from India are a good example of this. Where IT education and training are prioritized, and workers are known for their work ethic.

You should be aware of all of your options for hiring Indian software engineers, as well as any potential compliance risks.

Advantages Of Hire Indian Software Developers.

[1] Talent Pool

  • Within India's large population of technical experts, there will be a large number of candidates to choose from.

[2] Low Wages

  • When you hire a foreign worker in their home country, you will often pay them a wage that is "localized". In line with the economy of that country, which in India means lower wages than you would pay in your own country.

[3] Desire to work

  • Indian software engineers will be encouraged to work for foreign firms in order to gain experience and, eventually, to be hired abroad.

To expand on the point about lower wages, it's useful to look at what workers in India earn for the same job.

In India, the average monthly salary for software engineers is around INR 30,000 (US$500), with the highest salary being INR 48,000 (US$650).

In comparison, the average software engineer salary in the United States is over $100,000 per year.

Hire Indian Software Developers -How To Hire?

While the advantages are obvious, there are some decisions to be made regarding how to hire, compensate, and manage an Indian software engineer.

[1] Freelancers

Some businesses may prefer to hire the employee as a freelancer because it appears to be the simplest option. This is a good method to use for short-term projects or to try out a new employee.

While this avoids the complexities of international employment, there may be some drawbacks. Freelancers, for example, may work for multiple clients and may be less loyal, so establishing a suitable cross-border payment is a challenge.

[2] Employer Record

If you want an employee's stability and commitment, you can hire them through an employer of record (EOR) in India. All employment administration, taxes, withholding, and the issuance of a local payslip to the employee are handled by the EOR.

[3] Setup in India - Hire Indian Software Developers

Apart from hiring remote workers, companies with business plans in India may choose to form their own corporations. The branch or subsidiary would then hire, pay, and supervise and manage the employees' work activities.

This option is more expensive and time-consuming than the others, and it's not ideal for hiring a few remote workers.

[4] HR Agencies

HR agencies that specialize in recruiting specific programming languages would be recommended. A human resources firm with a "focus" on the entire IT industry might not be able to find the right programmer for you.

[5] Test Cases - Hire Indian Software Developers

Rather than hiring the developer right away, you could send him a short test case ahead of time to assess the quality of his work. You could also pay for the engagement if it is a larger task that is used as a test case.

It's well worth the money because you'll get a first impression of whether the quality and response time is what you require.

Employee VS Contractor

In India, hiring contractors is generally discouraged because it prevents employees from receiving necessary employee benefits.

India uses a multi-faceted test to distinguish between employees and contractors, which includes the following:

  • The job Position is professional.
  • Degree of integration.
  • Type Of Company.

These criteria may be applied less stringently to a foreign company hiring an Indian contractor, but keep in mind that your contractor may file a claim for employee benefits and rights at any time. You'd either have to hire them or end the relationship at that point.

Payment Compliance

The most efficient way to hire an Indian worker is through an employer of record. Which avoids the compliance risks of hiring a contractor and the costs of setting up an entity.

The EOR will act as your local employer, completing the employment contract, setting up payroll, withholding taxes, and issuing payslips.


India is now a global leader in offshore development and the top choice for businesses looking to expand their workforce.

Finding a good software developer is no easy task. When looking in countries like India, this becomes even more difficult where the talent pool is immense. Yugasa is a company that can help you hire world-class Indian software professionals.

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