IIT-B Develops app for covid-19 slots: IIT Bombay students have designed a mobile application which is known as CoVaccinator. Which is designed for android devices by the researchers from the students who are pursuing Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from IIT Bombay. Which is going to work more familiarly and access the data from the servers of the Cowin portal and gives a piece of real-time information to its users. The main objective behind creating such an application is to help people book their slots for the Covid-19 vaccine more conveniently. IIT-B Develops app for covid-19 slots, The research team from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has designed an application that will allow its users or applicants to set up an alert or reminder for the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine slots in the locality. What makes CoVaccinator different from Cowin is that the choice offered to the user to set a reminder or alert when the Covid-19 vaccination slots are available at the nearest vaccination center of the user. The people are now rushing towards the vaccination centers has now subsided as the drive intensifies the fear in a human. During this time India is facing huge trouble when it comes in terms of looking towards the availability of the slots and then the user can book a vaccine slot in real-time before the end of the slots. For avoiding this they have enabled the reminder and alert option stated by Manjesh Hanawal associate professor at Industrial Engineering and Operations Research who is heading the team. Once the user can download the users can log into the Cowin web app portal and book their slots using their registered mobile number. One can log in to the Cowin web application and search for the nearest available Covid-19 vaccination centers by pin code, center name, and district and also allows the user for setting up a reminder or alert for the center of the choice of the individual. The mobile application is used to get regular updates from the servers of the Cowin web app portal as soon as the server finds the availability of the vaccine slot at the center of their choice one can get an alert on phone. Read More: 5 APPS THAT CAN HELP YOU TO TRACK CORONAVIRUS