Indian Mobile App hours Report: India has always been a land of great opportunities, but now it is also becoming the land of great apps. According to AppAnnie’s report, smartphone users in India spent 4.8 hours a day on average using various mobile apps in Q3 2021, making Indians “among the most mobile-first consumers in the world”. Despite being one of the most populous countries on Earth with over 1 billion people and only 29% having access to electricity 24/7, they still manage to use their smartphones more than any other country.! App Annie, an app market analytics firm, puts numbers to something we’ve all known for 19 months now — that we’ve all been spending far more time on our phones since the pandemic hit. According to AppAnnie’s research of over 150 countries with data from Q1 2019 to Q1 2021, the time spent every day using apps increased from under three hours in Q1 2019 to 46 hours a day. This is an astonishing increase of over 420% since the pandemic hit! In fact, some countries such as India and Taiwan even had more than 75% increases within those years. Other countries with similarly high rates of increased app usage include the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. With such an influx of apps into our lives, we should take a moment to look at how this affects us and what other factors might be playing a role in all this? Indian Mobile App hours Report, For one thing, prolonged use can cause eye strain or worse yet lead to addiction which is becoming more prevalent especially with children. In mobile gaming, India is the world’s top market for mobile gaming in terms of downloads across Android and iOS. In the first half of 2021, Indian players installed four billion games, or one in every five installed globally, according to App Annie. Read More: THE DAILY APP INDUSTRY NEWS: FACEBOOK TESTS APP STORE RULES, APPLE BATTLES SIDELOADING, NETFLIX GAMES GO GLOBAL