If you are new to any place, it is easy to reach your destination with GPS outdoor navigation apps. But, what if you are looking for a place inside a large building like a shopping mall and airport? Intelligent Indoor Navigation App will help you out there.  Indoor navigation and positioning apps are simply examples of how fast technology is advancing. These applications work efficiently inside buildings where the GPS outdoor tracker fails to find the right destination. With indoor navigation app development, the main question that pops up in developers' minds is, “ what is the cost of building an indoor navigation application?” In this post, you will read about their development expenses. Before that, let’s deep dive into the subject.

What is an indoor navigation app exactly?

Indoor navigation apps work in the same manner that an outdoor navigation system does. The only difference is that the outdoor navigation system works only for outdoor locations while the indoor positioning system works for outdoor locations. These applications may locate individuals, items, and stores inside developing mobile devices. Indoor navigation apps are ideal for clinics, airports, shopping malls, and other buildings where navigation and location-based services are required for easy access. 

How are Indoor navigation apps useful?

Indoor navigation apps are helpful for both visitors and businesses. For visitors: Every application is developed to meet the users’ requirements and target audience. In the same way, the indoor navigation app is convenient and valuable for visitors. The app enables users to get benefits such as:
  • Show a real-time map of the building
  • Easy search for destinations
  • Create and view all the possible routes
  • Generate the shortest path possible
  • Share their real-time location with someone else
For businesses: As businesses such as warehouses, offices, and large corporate buildings occupy ample space, it can often be challenging for new visitors to navigate their way around the building. An IPS makes that task simpler and beneficial for both visitors and facility owners. From a business point of view, this mobile app provides many benefits to facility owners. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Collect users’ data such as their often visited places and time for better business.
  • Generate automated notifications about their wish-listed products or discounts on searched stores by linking apps to their respective things.

Must-have features of Indoor navigation app

The indoor navigation app is divided into two categories such as basic and advanced levels: Basic features of the indoor navigation system

#1 - Positioning

Indoor navigation systems help find the users’ exact location in real-time, thanks to their positioning features. For that, this app uses a different positioning system and mathematical algorithms. 

#2 - Mapping

INS app is integrated with the mapping feature that helps to locate the most accessible possible routes to the users. It also offers the analytics number of present visitors in the most prominent building at the time. 

#3- Administrative Capabilities

If you want to set up promotional campaigns for your business, administrative capabilities are the best feature of indoor navigation apps. This feature helps maintain beacons for promoting your company’s campaigns. 

#4- Analytics

INS provides information on visitors’ numbers inside the large buildings (such as malls, hospitals, shopping complexes, and airports) thanks to analytics.  If you want to earn a vital space in the market, you need to make your app more engaging and interactive with the following additional features.  Additional Features:

#1- Voice Command

The indoor navigation system has voice commands that help users to find the exact destination of a specific place. This feature adds excellent convenience and comfort to access this app. 

#2- 3D Map Visualization

For 3D map visualization, it is essential to use augmented reality technology to check the map with 3D effects. 

#3- App Login Using Social Media Accounts

This indoor navigation app makes the login process simple and easy for users by signing in to the app using social media accounts or email IDs.

#4- Custom Design

Indoor navigation apps are personalized as per the entire structure of the building. However, for the app’s positioning and functionality, you can hire a dedicated mobile app development company to customize the design on the basis of the building's interior area. 

Cost of indoor navigation app development

In a nutshell, the cost of an indoor navigation app with simple functionality will vary between $10,000 and $40,000. The development cost of an indoor navigation app with innovative functionality will start at $20,000 and go as high as $100,000. An app development cost is measured by various variables, including functionalities, features, app styles, app network, and the production team you choose. 

App Network: 

The cost of developing an app is dominated by the platform on which your application will be launched. If you are a startup with a small budget, you need to choose one Android and one iOS. After developing a solid footprint on that platform, you can move to other platforms. 

UX/UI Design: 

Appealing and well-designed software with all essential functionality is the best way to attract users to your business. For that, you need a rich user interface and user experience design. It will help you draw a vast number of buyers and save money. 

App Development Team: 

The cost of developing an indoor navigation system is measured by the venue, skills, and experience level of developers. More importantly, selecting the right team of app developers will help you create successful software.  Hopefully, you now have a great idea about the expense of developing an indoor navigation app. So, if you are planning to develop the right one for your extensive facilities, get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company like Yugasa.

How can Yugasa help in indoor navigation app development?

At Yugasa, we follow an agile process to deliver a unique and enticing indoor navigation app. We have a dedicated team of developers who can help your business with the most advanced technologies required for indoor navigation apps.  For more information about indoor navigation app development, contact our experts today!  Read More: Top 10 mobile app development companies in Delhi NCR