Instagram wants its users' birthdays: Facebook Inc-owned social media app Instagram has stated that the users are now required to confirm their date of birth as a part of the effort for creating new safety features for young people. Instagram in a recent blog post stated that they will the asked information of their user for ensuring that they should provide the right experience to the user according to their age. The company last month stated that will be defaulting the users under the age of 16 with a private account when they join the platform. Instagram has come out with the idea of developing a version of social media application for kids under the age of 13 on which the lawmakers has promptly asked Facebook to drop this plan by stating that the social media company has a very bad record and has failed miserably in protecting the children on their platform. The social media application has stated that they are about to ask their users about their date of birth when they open the Instagram application and then they will be showing several pop-up notifications on the user's screen continuously until or unless the user does not enter their date of births. Instagram has stated that at some point in time the users have to submit their date of birth for continuously using the application in the further future. The new policy which has been amended will only be going to affect the users of Instagram who have not previously submitted their date of births on the application. Instagram has added in its statement that they are aware that some of the users can enter a false or wrong date of birth and has stated that the company has developing such technology for dealing with such issues. Instagram wants its users birthdays, The company last month stated that they are coming out with of showing the content age wise by which the underage kids can not interact with wrong at a very young age. The company came with the idea that the users will be getting the stuff in their searches which will stop them to get in touch with any harmful content. And the company also introduced a new feature to control the sensitivity of the content. Read More: AFTER INSTAGRAM REELS, FACEBOOK IS ROLLING OUT ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE FOR TIKTOK