You must become skilled in a programming language if you want to build your own iOS application.  Which one should you pick, though?  This blog post will provide a beginner's guide and explore the best 5 programming ios development languages for creating iOS apps.  This collection has something for everyone, whether you're a novice programmer or a seasoned one.  IOS-development-languages As of the first quarter, the number of apps accessible across all major app stores is depicted in the graphic above.  However, iOS app creators must maintain the standard of quality specified for iOS apps in order to bypass Apple's terrifying approval standards.  This might be a breeze for you if you use the appropriate coding language for apps.  And for that, there are several variables to take into account, including the best talent pool, simplicity of learning and development, cross-platform compatibility, scalability, development costs, and more.  Languages for ios app development

Swift is the iOS development language

There is a very good chance that Swift will be your solution, regardless of how little expertise you have with iOS app development languages.  Swift, which was introduced in 2014, has quickly risen to the top of the list of coding apps for iPhones.  Swift was recognized as the 11th most popular language in the Tiobe index for 2020, receiving nearly three times as many votes as the previous year. 

Swift has several benefits as an iOS development language. 

● very simple for inexperienced coders to understand  ● Simple syntax that speeds up development and improves safety (fewer code crashes) 


Objective-C is still often used to create iOS mobile apps even though it was formerly the only language supported by iPhones.  As a C language derivative created in the early 1980s, Objective-C is an iOS mobile app development language that is simple to learn for programmers who already know C.  However, mastering Objective-C as an iOS development programming language has a higher learning curve for novice developers. 

Benefits of using Objective-C for iOS Development 

● reliable language  ● consistent performance  ● Consistent with C++  ● Simple API connections ● Because of dynamic tapping, the coding environment is more adaptable. 


Flutter, a well-liked programming language for apps, was created by Google in 2015 and formally released in 2017.  It is an open-source development that is an incredibly adaptable tool that can be used to make programs for Google Fuchsia, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.  Both iOS and Android developers take into account Flutter since it enables the creation of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly cross-platform apps.  Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to this as well.  Some of these include the fact that it is very time and cost-effective, offers complete customizability, has its own widgets, and is an open-source language; nonetheless, it still has a small and young talent pool. 

Benefits of using flutter for iOS Development 

● Relatively easy to learn  ● Big community for support  ● Provides many features 


The object-oriented, high-level programming language C# was developed by Microsoft as a response to Java.  In fact, it is one of the most wanted programming languages and is comparable to Objective-C for Apple and Microsoft app development.  Additionally, according to a StackOverflow survey, C# is regarded as one of the most adaptable coding languages in the world and is placed fifth in the Tiobe August 2021 ranking.  The fact that C# is an open-source language and facilitates the creation of iOS mobile apps for advanced to intermediate developers is one of its benefits.  Additionally, it has a far larger talent pool than other coding languages, supports the development of cross-platform apps, has a comprehensive library, and delivers greater cost-benefit and integration. 

Benefits of using C# for iOS Development

● Excellent for beginners  ● There are numerous features available.  ● Good and well-liked option for iOS app development 


It was combined with JavaScript and CSS by app developers while creating iOS apps.  In fact, roughly 88.5% of all websites use HTML5, according to W3techs.  Hybrid apps still offer excellent browser control and render pages using a combination of HTML5 and CSS, despite not being as popular as native apps.  A few of its benefits are that it supports several platforms, is very cost-effective, is consistent across various browsers, allows offline browsing, and even helps your page rank.  There are a few drawbacks, though, like the fact that it only works for hybrid app development, has a small feature set, and may affect the responsiveness of designs. 

Benefits of using HTML5 for iOS Development 

● Ideal for creating simple iOS apps  ● Easy to learn  ● Easily accessible (accessible offline)  ● Offers great compatibility 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Java for iOS development? 

For creating iOS apps, Java is not a common choice.  Java can be used to create for iOS, however, this is not advised.  There are superior alternatives that will provide users with a more natural experience. 

Which language is best for iOS app development?

When it comes to deciding which programming language is ideal for creating iOS apps, there is no obvious winner.  However, certain languages are more widely spoken than others.  Swift and Objective-C are the two most used languages for iOS programming. 

How hard is iOS coding?

Although it is different from other types of coding, iOS development is not always tough.  It's crucial to pick a language that you can learn quickly if you're just starting out.  Languages vary in complexity and feature density. Some are more feature-rich than others. 


So there you have it! These are the top coding languages for iOS apps in 2022! Each language's usage, acceptance, and advantages have all been covered.  Selecting the ideal programming language for your new project is now simpler for you.  Since Android, iOS is the operating system with the most global adoption.  Making the right choice for your iOS app's programming language is crucial since it can affect how successful your company is.  Determining your objectives and expectations will help you choose the appropriate course of action based on those factors. Read More: TOP 10 IOS APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES IN INDIA