IoT based mobile apps: The Internet of Things or IoT is determining our lifestyle from the way we act to the way we behave. From air conditioners that you can control

with your smartphone to Smart Cars presenting the shortest route or your Smartwatch which is stalking your daily activities.

IoT based mobile apps, IoT is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they're used, and thus the environment during which they're operated. It's all done using sensors, sensors are embedded in every physical device below.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Electrical Appliances, 
  • Pecos Barcode Sensors
  • Traffic Lights

And almost everything that you come across. In day-to-day life. These sensors frequently emit data about the functioning state of the devices,

but the important question is: IoT based mobile apps

  1. How do they share this huge amount of data?
  2. How do we put this data to our benefit?

Iot provides a standard platform for these devices to dump their data. And a common language for all the devices to communicate with each other. Data is released from various sensors and consigned to the IoT platform security IoT platform integrates the collected data from various sources

further analytics is performed on the info and valuable information

is extracted as per requirement.

Finally, the result's shared with other devices for better user experience Automation and improving efficiencies.

Applications of Internet of Things - IoT based mobile apps

  • Iot in Everyday Life
  • Iot in Smart cities
  • Iot in Healthcare
  • Iot in Agriculture
  • Iot in Industrial Automation
  • Iot in Disaster Management

1. Iot in Everyday Life

Soon every device you own – and nearly every object you'll imagine – are going to be connected to the web. Whether it’s through your phone, wearable tech, or everyday household objects, the web of Things (IoT) will connect us in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

Your thermostat, alarm system, smoke detector, doorbell, and refrigerator may already be “networked”, but changes are starting to take root in our cities as well.

Better management of energy, water, transportation, and safety are bringing people in closer touch with their surroundings and capturing our imaginations for urban bliss – a completely integrated, smart, sustainable city.

Last but not least, we’re seeing dramatic increases in activity and innovation on the factory front, where the potential for cyber-physical systems to improve productivity in the production process is vast.

2. Iot in Smart cities

More than half of the world's population now lives in cities—up from just 34% in the 1960s. By mid-century, that figure could reach 66% according to the United Nations.

Cities are major contributors to global climate change, and a few are already feeling its impact through rising sea levels and increasingly severe weather events.

But cities also are great incubators for IoT-based systems that make urban life more attractive, like fast, convenient transportation systems, safe street lighting, and energy-efficient buildings.

Las Vegas is using the web of Things to enhance traffic flow, while in South Korea, the whole Smart city of Songdo is made around the Internet of Things. Songdo’s networks are designed to ensure its buildings, transportation system and infrastructure are as efficient as possible.

3. IOT in Healthcare

Connected healthcare yet remains the sleeping giant of the web of Things applications. The concept of the connected healthcare system and smart medical devices bears enormous potential not only for companies but also for the well-being of individuals generally.

Research shows IoT in healthcare is going to be massive in the coming years. IoT in healthcare is aimed toward empowering people to measure healthier life by wearing connected devices.

The collected data will help in the personalized analysis of an individual’s health and supply tailor-made strategies to combat illness.

4. IoT in agriculture

With the ongoing increase in the world’s population, the demand for food supply is extremely raised. Governments are helping farmers to use advanced techniques and research to extend food production. Smart farming is the fastest-growing field in IoT.

Farmers are using meaningful insights from the info to yield a better return on investment. observing for soil moisture and nutrients, managing water usage for plant growth, and determining custom fertilizer are some simple uses of IoT.

5. Iot in Industrial Automation

IoT in the automation industry is manifesting to be a game-changer for automation companies. Industrial automation companies that apply IoT solutions can produce new advantages.

The Internet of Things (IoT) helps to make new technologies to unravel problems, enhance operations, and increase productivity. 

The IoT is frequently explained because of the connection of electronic devices using Internet ‘data plumbing’ including Internet Protocol (IP), cloud computing, and web services.

IoT Impact on Industrial Automation is immensely big and it makes us use tablet computers, smartphones, virtualized systems, and cloud storage of data, and so on.

6. Iot in Disaster Management

Disastrous events are cordially involved with the momentum of nature. As such mishaps are showing off own mastery, situations have gone beyond the control of human resistive mechanisms far ago. Fortunately, several technologies are in commission to realize affirmative knowledge and analysis of a disaster’s occurrence.

This topic looks over existing approaches to experience the relevant issues with disasters like early warning, notification, data analytics, knowledge aggregation, remote monitoring, real-time analytics, and victim localization.

Simultaneous interventions with IoT also are given utmost importance while presenting these facts. A complete discussion of state-of-the-art scenarios to control tragic events is presented.

Furthermore, IoT-supported protocols and market-ready deployable products are summarized to address these issues.

The Mobile Application for IoT is a good idea! Now you can take an idea from this article and which application you are going to use for the same.