This was justified in the last few years. E-commerce is growing at a very great speed and which is more or less have shown good results in customer services. As of now, the point is that is it a turning point for the physical retail stores and shopping centers. One can justify this with the last records observed by the industrial analyst. E-commerce offers on-door service to the consumers which are more beneficial for them. They can order stuff and try it at home and can return it in just some clicks no need to go back again and again to the shop what if it is denoted as the shop will come to you.  As it is a very well known fact that E-commerce offers a very large variety of products to the users at one place delivered to their doorsteps. Now it is been observed in the past few years that the trend of buying clothes, shoes, accessories, etc online. Now in the past few years, E-commerce has changed its market strategies and went for more goods to be sold on different platforms. In recent years the E-commerce has launched so many different websites and plans for the benefit of the people. E-commerce sells medicines and groceries for daily life at the doorstep with budgeted prices and one can find more options at one place rather than visiting shops. As it is observed in recent times after the outbreak of this pandemic that people have started using more E-commerce to order online. The online platforms are giving tough competition to the retail stores. This means that sooner or later it will be a danger to the retail stores. Here people are more interested in online shopping for every possible stuff whats the need to go out when you can have everything at your doorstep. Here are some E-commerce websites who emerged as a savior in the field of pharmacy are as follows 1MG, LifeCare pharmacy, Apollo pharmacy, NetMeds, Pharmacy, etc. Similarly, some brands that have given some great results in the field of groceries are as follows Udaan, Grofers, BigBasket, etc.