Microsoft Windows 10 support end: Yes, you have heard this right. It is been declared that the version of Windows 10 won't be getting system support after 14th October 2025. This mentions that the Operating system won't be receiving any further updates and support regarding the security and malware practices. As far as it is claimed that Windows 10 is the last version of windows and now it is been declared that users will be getting a new and better experience of Microsoft OS. The company in its recent teaser mentioned the launch of the upcoming version of Windows 11. It is also stated that the launch of the window will be going to happen on 24th June 2021. During the launch event, it will be cleared that what is Microsoft bringing out next. This news is stated through the official Twitter account of Microsoft by the CEO Satya Nadella. It is also mentioned that it would be a revolutionary change in the past years. People are getting enough time to switch to a new operating system. The launch will be conducted on the virtual platform on 24th June 2021. Microsoft Windows 10 support will no longer active including windows10, Pro, Home, Pro for a workstation, Pro education. The computer will continue to function with the old version of windows 10 but it might cause threats to the user and his data and won't be having security patches and quality updates. As it is been declared by the CEO that he is the prime key of the launch event of 2021. He also mentioned that the company is unlocking more opportunities for the OS developers who are on the verge of contributing to the innovative and set platform to create and bring monetize the application. He stated that he might be sharing more about the update very soon. The update includes major changes in visual enhancement. The operating system also includes the major changes in the system UI which is named “Sun Valley”. This will also follow the future updates with google and apple's design to make their software more vulnerable as these companies bring out a new system revolution every year. Microsoft is also working to create hardware to work with such software to have a better experience. Read More: TECH FIRMS INCLUDING MICROSOFT, ORACLE TO MAKE ‘INOCULATION INTERNATIONAL IDS’