Software Products: New Delhi Ajay Prakash Sawhney, IT secretary of India addressed the conference on 28th July 2020 and highlighted the initiation by the Government to develop software products within our own country which could be used by our citizens and the world.

In these critical times of Covid-19, we have been forced to grow the digital and online sectors of our country in various sectors.

The government has seen around 7000 entries for online citizen engagement platforms for various sectors. MyGov. CEO Abhishek Singh also added that there are 1142 entries under the business sector, 901 entries under the health sector, 1062 entries for e-learning, 1155 under social networking, 326 under games, 662 under work from home and 320 entries for the entertainment sector. 

Soon after the government announced the ban on Chinese applications under section 69A, they addressed the issue in FICCI virtual conference and informed us about the cause of this action that is the operational ethics in applications. The clause of transferring personal data to the Chinese government is denoted as operational ethics. 

IT secretary of our country Mr. Ajay Prakash Sawhney (58 years old) who is a mechanical engineer and alumni of IIT Delhi also added that digital Bharat is the new Bharat and that national digital sectors will be coming in fields of health, education, and logistics soon.


“Each one of them could be a factory of innovation and with the use of newer technologies, incubation of new products and services, it will benefit all,” he said. He also told us that Mobile manufacturing has grown over 10 fold in the last 6 years.

Professor Rajat Moona Director of IIT Bhilai said that ICT infrastructure has played a huge role in for physical development to digital in the rural parts of India. Mr. Virat Bhatia the chairman of FICCI ICT added that in this new normal remote working environment, cyber resilience and security shall play a huge role in this difficult time. “We are trying to move from IT products to software products. We have a policy on National software products as well. The pandemic has given us the realization that we need more software products from India. The area of software products is one where we have been dependent on imports. It is time to change and have software products of our own not just for India, but for a global market,” said Mr. Sawhney.