Japan Internet Speed 319 Tbps: Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NCIT) and its researchers have broken the record of the fastest internet speed holding the record of 319 terabits per second which is the best among of all time. This is almost double the previous record that is of 178 terabits per second which were set a year ago by engineers of the United Kingdom and Japan. The engineers performed the speed test in a lab using advanced fiber-optic technology. Fiber optic cables consist of one core and a lot of cladding or covering for the protection of the data inside. NICT’s system is used during the experimental strands of fiber optic cable that consists of four cores that are housed in a single cable that is roughly the size of an old standard fiber optic cable line. The multi-fiber core cable with a standard covering diameter which is so attractive for early adoption of such space division multiplexing fibers in the high-throughput, long-distance links as it is compatible with conventional cable infrastructure and has expected to have mechanical reliability which is comparative to single-mode of fibers, as NICT stated about the experiment in the research paper. During the experiment, NICT looped the whole data with the help of coiled bits of fiber optic which at the moment simulated the transmission at the distance of 3,001 km or 1,864 miles without any degradation of the signal or speed which is very impressive so far but still, there is a lot of work to do and the method required to attain this speed was very complicated. Japan Internet Speed 319 Tbps, During the experiment, the researchers used a 552-channel comb laser firing on multiple wavelengths and pushed it with the help of amplifiers made up of rare earth minerals which helped in achieving this incredible speed of the internet. This is not cheap at all and the engineers imagined that this will mainly be used to push data at a very fast speed across vast distances rather than saying or letting one download their video games in just a single click. After the research, the team still believes and concluded that the major factor behind this primary innovation is the new 4-core optical fiber cable and the developed size to hold the data. Japan Internet Speed 319 Tbps, Its size is roughly similar to be an old version of optic fiber cable and in that NICT believes that the changes will be easily implemented in the existing ongoing system to give a huge speed boost. It is been imagined this speed on the internet is beyond 5G and is a very big revolution in communication services. Read More: INDIA’S VACCINE PLATFORM COWIN IS NOW OPEN FOR ALL COUNTRIES: NIRMALA SITHARAMAN