Japan is all set to issue a Digital Health Certificate to all the individuals in Japan who have been vaccinated against the Novel coronavirus.

This step by Japan is in accordance with the similar issuing of digital passports by European Union and China.

They have already adopted the same strategy to assist vaccinated people with their travel. 

International travel and tourism has been harshly hit by the pandemic, and as a result there are almost two-third decrease in the air traffic and near to negligible tourism.

Although, this new idea of issuing digital passports has shown a ray of hope to these dying industries. Experts are thinking of these certificates as the key catalyst for tourism to flourish.

The Japanese government is considering integrating the certificate to an app that is set to hit the app stores by the starting of next month.

This certificate will hold a Digital Health Certificate for a negative test result of the individual. The information will then be linked to the systems tracking the government’s vaccine program.

The App will be in accordance with international standards, and the certificate can be shown to the officials through the mobile app, allowing the individual to show their proof of vaccinations to the officials at the airport or a hotel.

Japanese Government has already been using a paper format of this strategy where the individuals traveling will apply to attach their vaccination certificate to a coupon issued by the government.

The European Union is also planning to launch similar vaccine certificates by the summer.

Travelers reaching Europe from Japan and vice-versa would only be allowed to leave the airport after they show their digital vaccination certificate.