Japan to soon ban TikTok: After India and the US banned Tiktok and other Chinese applications as they might be sending user data to the Chinese government, Japan’s liberal democratic party followed their footsteps. Former minister Akira Amari led this moment and the ban will be in effect by September this year.

This was first reported by NHK, Japanese national broadcast. TikTok defended by making a statement that they have never released any user data to the Chinese government and never will do so.

TikTok is a video creation application used by youngsters to create short videos with various visual and sound effects. This application became popular after many celebrities used this application to create such videos and share them on other social websites.

Japan was one of the first countries where TikTok flourished in the beginning. Tiktok was on top of entertainment apps across the globe on the iOS App Store.

Japan to soon ban TikTok After the imposition of ban Facebook introduced its new feature on Instagram knows as reels. Reels offer similar features as TikTok. This also opened many opportunities for new and upcoming applications like Roposo in India.

Unfortunately, many start-up companies have faced backlash in this international crisis which has diminished their entrepreneurship. Huge companies based in china like SenseTime, megvii, DJI (the drone company) including TikTok were backed by renowned US investors who faced global growth. 


US President Donald Trump and the Indian government has declared an anti-china movement which was caused by border skirmish including the Indian army. This movement led to the ban of several applications and strict scrutiny of several others which in turn was supported by the IT secretary of India in the FICCI video conference.

Mr. Ajay Prakash Sawhney informed us that the government has received 6940 entries under several categories including 1155 entries under social networking. Application developers of our country have a lot of potentials to do a lot for the development of digital India he added.