JAVA vs PYTHON: Choosing a specific language for your business endeavors can be very tricky and mind-boggling.

As there are many programming languages out there, competing with each other to be at the top of the graph.

JAVA vs PYTHON, Here in this article, we are going to compare the two most popular programming languages around i.e JAVA & PYTHON

A Programming Language is a language comprising a set of instructions that produces different outputs for different inputs.

Through programming languages, a human being is able to command machines and make them do miscellaneous tasks for them.

A bit about both: JAVA & PYTHON

Java and Python are the two most popular object-oriented programming languages around the world.

Java is most probably the fastest and most reliable language out there in the market. It is owned by Oracle and was designed to resemble C++ and still be simpler to use while developing software.

Python can easily be termed as one of the most accessible languages on the planet. Python enables novices and new developers, who don't have much of an idea of the technical rhetorics of coding.

Just like Java, Python is also an Object-oriented programming language. It brings in the feature of dynamic typing and binding options, which allows the reader to focus more on the readability of the code, hence making the development more cost-effective and speedier to develop. 

Choosing and just telling right away that one language is better than another is quite biased and not something any reader would want to read. So here, we have compiled a comparison between various aspects of the languages.

You can then choose for yourself what perks are more useful to you than others, hence choosing the language of your choice. 

The various factors which will be taken in account while comparing the two languages are -

  1. Maturity of Language
  2. Ease of Learning
  3. Speed
  4. Security Concerns 
  5. Scale of Projects
  6. Cost-Effective
  7. Future Trends

Let’s talk about them in detail - JAVA vs PYTHON

1. Maturity of Language

Contrary to the emotion that Java is older than Python, the reality is quite different. Python was first released in 1991 and Java followed it and was released in 1995.

Although Python was the first among the two, however, it was Java that attracted the majority of attention at the time and became an instant favorite of the crowd.

Soon after that, Java went on to become the most used programming language in the world. Python on the other hand was lagging a lot during the time and had very little attention.

However, things changed and in recent years there's been a massive boost in the use of python in recent years and in 2018-2019 Python took over Java to become the most used programming language. 

  • As per the StackOverflow report, Java scores 41.1%, whereas Python scores 66.7% in the Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted category. 

2. Ease of Learning

Java is very similar to C++ and if you have some coding skills in C, C# or Javascript, then learning Java would be much easier.

However if the individual has no prior coding experience and is new to the forte then he should go for Python.

Learning Python is much easier for a novice who is just starting to learn to code. Python is easy to read and write the language.

It is a well-structured language, which makes it the go-to programming language for beginners.

3. Speed 

Developers would say that a compiled language runs faster than an interpreted language, which gives Java a bit of leeway.

Yet, this would just be valid in a lab test, while in reality, the speed of the code relies upon plenty of different aspects too.

For instance, the environment and the sort of task the code was composed to run to have a great impact on the execution speed of the code.

A few tasks are performed better when written in Python language and some perform better when written in Java. 

Thus, before you choose to recruit a Java developer or recruit a Python engineer, you need to see and comprehend the sort of task you want to achieve.

4. Security Concerns

When these languages first came into existence, security was not that big of a concern. But now, it is one of the main things which a business thinks about before starting anything.

Many companies spend millions to secure their database and apps from cyber attacks. The recent data breach scandal at Facebook cost them $5 billion d in government fines and various suites.

When talking about security, Python is a much more reliable partner than Java. The complex API’s and a lack of structured docs are the cause for most of the security issues with Java.

5. Cost-Effective - JAVA vs PYTHON

A study shows that Python developers make more than Java developers. This is good if you want to be a python developer. 

However, the big picture is not about the hourly rate of a software developer, it is about getting the best version of your app developed.

If you need to develop an app that involves AI and ML you should go for Python and if you want to make native apps that are fast and scalable you should go for Java.

6. Future Trends

In present times and from now in the future, some of the most trending technologies will be Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. They will pave the

 A way for future technologies to come. Everything we now do in the digital world has one of these things involved.

Whether you are a scientist, a marketing strategist, or just a store owner with an online presence.


AT last, we can say that both have capabilities and perks depending upon the kind of app you want to develop.

Moreover, none of the technologies are going anywhere and are going to stay for a while.

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