Biggest Branding Mistakes: Digital revolution is one of the most influential, fastest growing with the deepest ever impact happening in the history of humankind. It took us generations to research and start using computer systems (desktops) in daily life. Let us call this Revolution 1.

But adoption of Intranet and Internet probably took just 70% of the times of Revolution 1.

The rise of Mobile apps was even faster and AI is coming at a lightning speed. being flexible and adaptive to change is very very important for businesses to survive and grow.

But picking the wrong steps in any rash or due to lack of required consultancy can cause heavy losses to businesses.

In a rush of going to mobile app for their brand, many companies make some similar major mistakes. These mistakes could cost them a lot and also could be cause for the failure of their app.

The below article compiles some of the Biggest Branding Mistakes which brands do while going for mobile apps for their sales.

Biggest Branding Mistakes - Not Understanding the customer need

One of the Biggest Branding Mistakes does not understand what a customer needs and expects out of your app. They simply build an app for their brand thinking it is enough for the customers and forget the details that a customer looks for. So if you are building an app for your brand then think like a customer not as a brand owner.

Insufficient Testing

Many times there is a high challenge among different brands. To defeat the rival brand companies try all possible strategies.

So many times when an app is built in the rush of launching an app in the market major testing of the app is ignored. Due to this insufficient testing, many problems occur and thus customers don't like it.

A customer lost this way never comes back. And just in case if he leaves a bad rating on the play store, then the brand ends up compensating that loss in the form of increased 'Cost of Customer Acquisition. Hence proper testing is very much required before app launch.

Focusing on Downloads and not Retention

According to a survey, 75% of the apps are never opened for the second time. Many brands or app developers focus on app downloads so much that they forget app retention. Yeah, people might download your app but will never use it again.

So yes it is important for you to focus on app downloads but it is more important to focus on making the app more relevant and user-friendly. Remember; Nurturing an existing customer is always easy than making a new customer.

So the follow all possible efforts to win happy users for your app. This is a very common mistake but with slight focus, this problem can be easily rectified. be attentive about it before the app launch.

Ignoring negative Feedbacks

Every app gets positive and negative feedback. Nothing is perfect so even the best app in the world gets negative feedback.

For a successful app, the major fact for their success is the way they look at their negative feedback. People mostly give negative feedback if they find something wrong with your app.

So you should give more focus on your negative feedback as these are some easy evidence for you to make some changes in your app in time. But yes all of the negative feedback will be helpful.

Many people simply write negative feedback. So you should be wise enough of understanding which negative feedback you take and consider for improving your app. This feedbacks could be a great assistance to understand your app inabilities and you can rectify them.

Not marketing it

Don’t assume that if your app is selling the most important thing a human wants then it will be downloaded by everyone. Today is the era of marketing. Only creating a good app is not sufficient.

You should be able to do proper marketing. Proper marketing ensures everyone knows about your app and downloads it.

So many times this is a common mistake many brands don’t go for marketing. But marketing nowadays is very important while launching app.

Thus these are some of the common mistakes many brands do while launching or creating an app for their brand. If you are creating an app for your brand it is good if you consider these points and don't let your app have such mistakes.