Microsoft Advertising: As of now, the Multimedia Ads are going to allow search marketers to have an exclusive ad type in a SERP and they added a visual element that will bring more attention to the given ad. Multimedia Ads are visual ads depicted in image or video rich form that is going to be featured on the right rail or in the mainline on the top of the search results pages. To help the Multimedia Ads stand out even more and helps in providing exclusivity and there will be only one Multimedia Ad on a given page, for only one advertiser at a particular point in time. Microsoft Advertising stated this in an announcement on Wednesday. The beta program is now all set to launch globally. This ad format allows one to combine their images, headline, and copying the ad with machine learning by displaying the best-fitted ads for the searcher and the query. Multimedia Ad is being set up which is similar to that of RSAs in Microsoft Advertising after the addition of visual assets along with the text. For the best performance and the company strongly recommend that one must upload multiple ads in different variations which are of high-quality images in all aspect ratios which are being suggested to Microsoft Advertising and the mainline advertisements can also include site links or swipe ups. The beta version of Microsoft Advertising also includes auto-recommendations for building the perfect advertisement as one may not having access to all their assets prepared for this beta version, Microsoft Advertising is giving the opportunity which gives one ability to auto-create advertisements with a there existing image and designed texts assets. The recommendation is going use Artificial Intelligence that too for speeding up the launch of Multimedia Ads for their brand. If one is not interested one will have seven days for applying or dismiss the applied recommendations. If one doesn’t choose any of them the settings would be applied automatically. One can also opt-out of the auto applies function at the account level which is stated in the announcement blog. Read More: NRAI TO LAUNCH ITS OWN FOOD DELIVERY APPLICATION IN COMPETITION WITH ZOMATO AND SWIGGY