Microsoft Reveals Plans for Metaverse: Just a week after Facebook announced it will be shifting focus to create a future metaverse, Microsoft is throwing its hat in the ring. The metaverse can help people meet up in a digital environment, make meetings more comfortable with the use of avatars, and facilitate creative collaboration from all around the world, according to the company. “I can't overstate how much of a breakthrough this is. It's no longer just looking at a camera view of the factory floor, you can be on the floor. It's no longer viewing a process from inside an office, you are part of the process. It's no longer being on a conference call with someone in another location, they're right there in front of you," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during the company’s Ignite conference last night about enterprise digital transformation and their plans for creating an avatar-based metaverse world that will change everything (and everyone) forever. “We want to make these virtual meetings feel like you are all in the same room,” said Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich. “That is what Presence will do for us. When I look at your avatar and it looks like an actual human being … that's when we'll have something meaningful to collaborate on." Microsoft Reveals Plans for Metaverse, This would be a huge breakthrough because currently, avatars can only convey basic information about the position, but this new world could change everything with voice recognition software that knows who each person is talking about. “Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces will continue to expand with skills in a variety of industries and key scenarios to help improve visibility, enhance employee and customer experiences, and drive operational efficiencies," said Vishal Sood, General Manager of Connected Spaces, in a separate blog post. This week marks three years since Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft after former head Steve Ballmer announced his retirement from the company he helped build back in August of 2013. As one might expect under such circumstances, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Microsoft. While many have been critical that Nadella has not moved quickly enough to turn around Microsoft, others are excited by his vision for the company’s new direction and all they plan to do in building out their metaverse world. Read More: MICROSOFT ALLOWS APP TESTING ON WINDOWS 11 BETA CHANNEL FOR ANDROID APPS