Instagram reels: Business Insider first reported that 11 million views were demanded by 80 people for reels on Instagram. This event occurred on the 5th of August right after the launch of reels.

These transactions were made by customers through bitcoin or trusted customers could also pay in PayPal, cash app or credit card says a manager of a botnet. The unnamed manager interviewed by business insider claimed he charged $15 for 1000 fake likes and $5 for one thousand fake views for reels.

He also added that it only took him a couple of hours to crack down reels and generate inorganic activity to boost the audience. He runs a network of 500000 fake gram accounts. His opinion for the future of reels is, “It is not popular. Instagram and people like me will make it popular.”

This manager advertises his product on secure messaging applications such as telegram. He includes various popular influencers among his many customers. He also made a statement that Facebook has takes no measure whatsoever against the bots used for fake views/likes.

"I use my bots for followers' stories' Likes, and now for Reels. I guess Instagram is happy if we push their TikTok copy.” Said the botnet manager. A big botnet (zombie pc network) sells 100 likes for just 75 cents also offers artificial agreements over confidential, encrypted applications for a certain price.

Facebook made a statement that they’re constantly improving to avoid such inauthentic behavior. I and my team hadn’t time to study reels from this point of view because it’s a really new function.

The issue of bots on Instagram is well known. The problem related to the security of the app and it’s AI detection” said Andrea Stroppa who has observed the activity of such bots on social networks.

Instagram reels were released after India imposed a ban on all Chinese applications including Tiktok. The clash between Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers on the border led to this ban.

Soon US President Donald Trump also announced a ban on the Chinese application Tiktok. Microsoft is also trying to buy Tiktok for $50 billion. On July 10th lasso, by Facebook was shut down.


This was created by Facebook (November 2018) as a competitor for the short video creating application but failed to achieve even 600000 installs in the US. Whereas it was quite popular in Latin American countries where it reached around 10 million installs.