The mobile gaming industry is booming with the global mobile gaming apps revenue from advertising is expected to surpass the $100B mark in 2021, as per a new report. This will be an increase of 30.8% from last year's figure. The gaming section of the mobile app market is the largest and most profitable, accounting for over 60% of total app revenue. Advertising revenue in this area surpassed $100 million for the first time in 2020, following strong YoY growth. The main drivers of this growth are attributed to the increasing penetration of smartphones and better ad monetization opportunities. In 2021, advertising revenue from mobile gaming apps is projected to reach $115B. This is a significant increase from the $88.98B generated in 2020. While there are some concerns over regulatory uncertainty, especially around data privacy, marketers remain optimistic about the future of mobile advertising. The report also points out that in 2021, the top five regions are expected to generate more than 70% of global app revenue from ads. These include North America ($34B), Asia Pacific ($29.37B), Western Europe ($27.64B), and Latin America ($12.22B). In terms of countries, the United States ($23.54B) and China ($21.73B) are expected to lead in ad revenue generation from mobile gaming apps. The growth in this industry is good news for app developers, who can now look forward to better monetization opportunities through ads. At the same time, it is also important for marketers to get their mobile strategies right, especially with regard to data privacy. Robert Pascual, the eSport editor at, commented: “All of the gaming experienced an uptick from 2020 and mobile gaming apps inevitably flourished from lockdown conditions. The industry looks primed to build on this momentum and 2021’s numbers are early indications that the industry experienced more than just a fluke in 2020 and should be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.” Read More: NINE-YEAR-OLD BOY CREATES AAC SUPPORT APP TO HELP HIS SIX-YEAR-OLD AUTISTIC BROTHER