Naming Your Mobile App: Name introduces us to the world, be it the name of a person or anything, hence, “Name” plays an important role in the mobile application too.

It introduces applications to the App store and to the world. Most of the time first impression says it all, so the name of a mobile application plays a vital role in its success.

naming mobile app
Image Credit: Pixabay

Let us understand what a name conveys. Ideally, it should be easy to pronounce and coordinate with the purpose of the app.

When someone is going through the app store with a certain requirement, then the name should answer the first-hand questions coming to mind.

We can say that with an apt name compulsive buyers can be attracted towards buying applications.

Stick to the following key points while naming your mobile application

  • Simple
  • Short
  • Original

With the ever-increasing competition, striding ahead of your competitors is important. With the plethora of apps in the market, customer loyalty has gone significantly down.

Making a mark about your app in the mind of your buyers is important so that they remember your application in an hour of its need. If the name is remembered well and easily it can then be recommended to others too easily.

The name should be focused and precise in such a way that it reflects the main essence of the application. It should not deviate from the core purpose of the mobile application and should easily relate to its goal.

Let us see what the mobile application world is doing while naming their applications:

1. Joining two parts to name your application

Good application names can be derived by joining the main function of the application and the compliment that enhances its purpose. One such example is AIRBNB giving all the answers in one go.

I had once seen a startup with the name Locate. On little discovery about the app's name, I figured out that the name was derived from the words 'Locate Them'.

The apostrophe m used in the name had an icon of location finder. The logo and the app name itself spoke about the sole purpose of the app and could be remembered well.

2. Chose an authentic name - Naming Your Mobile App

Make sure the name does not look copied. It must original and authentic. Do not use fonts that are already used by other big brands.

Your brand name and its logo should remind the user about your brand and not another brand. You may look at other brand names for inspiration but decide yours independently.

3. Easy to pronounce

The name should be such that it is easily pronounced and simple, only then it can be remembered clearly. You can definitely create a new word for mobile applications but keep in mind it is easily pronounced.

I love Zomato - A hyperlocal Food Delivery App as a nice example for this. This name was derived from the word Tomato and was given red color and speaks about food.

It was such an intelligent thought to keep this name. It is easy to remember and pronounce even by a child.

4. Upper and lower cases

There are few apps that have a combination of upper and lower case alphabets. You can break the stereotype and write it in a simple way so that it leaves a mark in the mind of the user and can never be forgotten.

5. 11 letter name - Naming Your Mobile App

It is said that short and easy names are good and with that, it is also said that the name should have a maximum of 11 characters hence, precise and nice.

In the end, we would suggest that take your time as there are no set rules that can give you a successful name to your mobile application. Keep a unique name and make a mark in the mobile application world.