AAC support app: It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words." This quote couldn't be more fitting for this story. Nine-year-old Sean Porter, from Southport, has developed an app to help his six-year-old autistic brother Adam communicate. The young boy was initially asked to produce a mobile game as part of a primary school project and he chose to create the app instead. The app, which Sean called 'Adam's Voice,' was created as part of his school project and he wanted to give something back to the community. Adam suffers from autism and can find it difficult to communicate due to his condition. His nine-year-old brother, Sean Porter, decided to create an app with the aim of helping Adam communicate using pictures and voice recognition software so that he could share his thoughts and feelings with those around him. If you want your child or loved one who suffers from autism or any other disability such as cerebral palsy, stroke trauma, or even mental health issues such as depression - then there is now another way for them to communicate effectively with others. Sean said of the app: "I'm not sure if he'll ever be able to speak, but this will help him do more things by himself." The young boy had initially been asked to produce a mobile game as part of his school project and chose instead to create an app that would help his disabled sibling to communicate. AAC support app, The app, Adam's Voice, works by allowing the user to select a picture or take one from your camera roll. You can then add up to nine voice recordings and play them back using the app. It's been designed to help those suffering from autism or other disabilities, such as stroke trauma or cerebral palsy. Read More: YOUTUBE CO-FOUNDER JAWED KARIM PREDICTS “DECLINE” OF THE PLATFORM FOLLOWING REMOVAL OF DISLIKES