It is crucial to know about the app development company before outsourcing. Since the success of the app depends on the quality of development, gathering information regarding the developers and the development company is essential. Every company has their own working procedures and methods that distinguishes them from others, knowing about these factors help in deciding whether to grant the project to them or go with other companies. Some genuine questions should be asked to gather information about the company before hiring them. Questions regarding the billing modes, development tools, and development costs are common, so these questions should not be considered for making decisions. One of the mistakes many businesses do is that they hire based on the development price. This should be avoided as most of the time it results in failure of the application. So, here are the top three questions to be asked to any development company while choosing for outsourcing. These questions are mainly helpful for businesses with no in-house development team. The answers to these questions will help in saving the time and money of the businesses. 1. How many senior and junior Android/IOS developers are there in the team and how many quality works have they done for different organizations? Reason for asking: For long term app development companies, investment in junior developers is not befitting. But companies need to have junior developers who should be trained under senior developers. A software development company should have a healthy ratio of both junior and senior developers. Suitable Answer: This question can help in knowing about the quality of work by the development team for other enterprises. Answers about daily technical sharing, frameworks standardization, appropriate technical planning and code review by team leads can be useful. 2. Has the app development company done any project similar to yours previously? Reason for asking: This question helps to know whether the company has experience in building the type of app you want for your company. It will be easier for them to understand your requirements and needs as they already have knowledge about building a similar app. So, it will help you in hiring an experienced app development company which can provide the desired app for your business. It is necessary to listen and focus on their experience while developing a similar app. Also, asking some questions to investigate further like their plan to build the quality project, what makes their product unique than others helps in getting better insights about the company. 3. Which software design and development process do you embrace? Reason for asking: The innate strength of the company can be evaluated on the basis of their software design and its development process. It can be found out whether the company is genuine or not by knowing about these factors. The usage of some reliable method ensures the authenticity of the company. An authentic software company always uses the same process which endorses their organization’s working procedures, uniformity and controls the quality work process. Similarly, the company’s operation should also include new ideas, designs, strategy, development and implementation. User testing and feedback before the launch of the app should be essential components in its operation. Following industry practices and practical experience-based processes is a sign of a good company. Suitable answer: Those companies mentioning about iteration testing, agile processes, UX/UI research, QA/testing should be hired as these practices ensure the success of the project and also reduce the risk during development. Conclusion In conclusion, focus on the response of the app development company while you ask them your questions. Pay attention to know if their answers are genuine and reasonable or not. It is difficult to choose a good software company when there are many options to choose from. So always choose a company that fits your criteria and understands your requirements and business needs.