Secure Mobile App: Do you use a mobile or are you looking to develop a secure mobile App? If you find yourself answering yes to any of those questions, then this article is certainly for you. Mobiles these days can almost do anything, from making calls to paying all your bills. When it offers such wide range of activities to be performed on a single device, it also comes with a lot of risks. So if you are a developer, it is must to ensure that the apps that you develop are secure so that people like it in the first place and then start using it again and again. Here are a few things that you must look at while ensuring that your mobile apps are secure:

Ensure security from day one - Secure Mobile App

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The day you start to build your app, keep it in your mind that clients will use your app only if it is secure. So safety should be the topmost priority from day one. Make sure that you protect the app code with encryption. Obfuscation and minification techniques can be employed. Also make it a point to use modern, well-supported algorithms coupled with API encryption.

Secure the network connections on the back end

Securing the servers and cloud servers that an app’s API are accessing allows you to protect the data and prevent unauthorized access. Containerization method can be used to create encrypted containers for securely storing your data and documents. You can also approach network security experts to conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of your networks to ensure that the right data is protected in the right way.

Secure Mobile App - Use the user to make the App secure

You can also build your app with the identification and authentication technology to prove to an app who they are, adding one more layer of security to your app. OAuth2 is one of the best protocols for managing secure connections via user specific, one time tokens. You can also try JSON web tokens for encrypted data exchange that are lightweight and suitable for mobile security.

Protecting the client’s data at all costs

More the data that is stored locally on a device, the more vulnerable it is to getting hacked. Filelevel encryption protects data on a file by file basis and is a way to encrypt at rest data so that it is protected from being read if it is intercepted by a hacker.

API Security Strategy

Since APIs play a vital role in the process of building a mobile app, a mobile app developer should be able to have a secure API. APIs are the main conduits for content, functionality and data. Hence, API security is an important part of the chain. There are three main security measures that comprise a well-built API security stack, viz. identification, authentication and authorization.

Test you App software before opening it for clients

Testing is a must-do step in any process. Testing app code is very important. An app developer should always test if the app is a native, hybrid or web app. This enables them to identify vulnerabilities in the code that can be corrected before publishing the app.

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