App Development: Apps that require voluminous data to be stored such as posting pictures and sharing, chatting and several other similar apps demand cloud integration. It is necessary to host a server that stores all the data which is accessible. Since there is cloud integration, Backend as a Service can be used as well. Parse is one of the BaaS.

Parse is a Backend as a Service framework for mobile applications. This platform is an open source. Storage space is required for storing data of users in their respective account for apps with heavy data. The use of Parse cloud and API makes it easier to store the data as it eliminates the need for physical server.

parse app development framework for baas
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After Facebook bought Parse, its popularity has increased which has also escalated the number of parse app developers. Some amendment in Parse extended its services for websites as well.

Features of Parse - App Development

Service is cloud based

Since there is no physical server and the data stored in Parse is actually stored in cloud, it can be handled and managed easily. Internet is required for accessing the data.

Cloud code

The additions and modifications in the apps can be made without reuploading it if it is built on JavaScript SDK. Similarly setting up a newer version doesn’t require the upload of the entire app again. Scheduling of uploads and emails can also be done in Parse.

Support for a wide range of platforms - App Development

Platform independent apps that include Android, Windows and iOS are supported by Parse. It helps the developers as apps for different operating systems can be developed on a single platform.


Sub-domain for Parse applications is optionally provided by Parse to host projects that use Parse’s command line Interface. So, another feature of Parse development is that it doesn’t require hosting.


Apps made on Parse have their own dashboard that contains the required options. It can be modified according to the requirement of the user in the app. Documents, settings, and other options can be seen on dashboards built by Parse.


Keeping track of updates and other several things is difficult and it requires a team. Parse allows the compilation of crashes, downloads, requests and other activities from one place.

Push Notifications

Push notifications include giving news, notifications, reminders and messages. It makes sure that the app is connected directly to the user. Parse helps in increasing the interaction between the apps and the users by the use of push notifications. Native and client SDKs of Parse are used in order to provide this service.


The apps developed in Parse are secure. Privacy of the apps is taken care of supremely by providing different ID and key for different users. HTTPS or SSL are used for making the essential links. Parse also allows Class level permissions and Object level permissions during coding for privacy control.

Data Browser

Data browser allows the viewing and editing of applications data. Some terrific features like rich editor, sort data and filter for editing data easily are included in data browser making it one of the vital tools in Parse. Configuration of security settings for client permission by creating custom queries can also be done by the use of this tool.


Parse can be used for the creation of smaller applications that can store less amount of data. Other options rather than Parse can be used in case the applications to be developed need to store voluminous data. This platform now consists of a community of developers who contribute in improving this already modular platform.