Progressive Web Apps: With the going days, technology trends are introducing several new aspects in the field. Customer needs and desires are also changing with the varying parts of technology. Every business needs to make the best possible use of the next introduced aspect in the market. Clients are taking the most advantages from these technological modifications.

As technology has created a global stage where businesses are globally competing to gain the maximum number of customers. But the implementation of Progressive Web Apps has released a new way of approaching customers.

Progressive Web Applications or (PWAs) have created their position in the market and are not a new thing for entrepreneurs anymore. By the end of 2020, everyone will be completely familiar with this advanced technology.

As per the Gartner Research, by 2020, Progressive Web Apps will replace 50% of all consumer-oriented native apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps and why is everyone talking about it?

Progressive Web Apps are the apps that offer users an app-like experience on multiple devices, without having to undergo any of the app stores or download anything.

With webpages, Progressive Web Apps provide all the wonderful features and functionality of mobile apps like speed, push notifications, and offline usage.

PWAs also can work offline, unite with native device functions, and even send notifications. It has the ability to deal with any type of data problem.

Therefore, it gives an excellent app experience across all devices, including desktops.

An Upgraded Method to Connect with Your Customer

Mobile Application Development has been growing its range in almost all evident operations with the rise of numerous advanced technology.

To improve customer experiences, several modern application development approaches have been brought in the market. Progressive Web Apps(PWA) is one of those approaches.

On some user devices and due to some network issues, the Native and Hybrid apps go slow down and don't work properly.

But, PWAs have the capability to work across all devices and offer excellent experience in all.

Basically, Progressive web apps are an upgraded method to connect with your customers in any situation. Whether it's a network issue or a device issue, with the development of PWA you can easily connect the consumer with your product. This is the biggest advantage of the Progressive Web Apps, they can seamlessly assist your customers.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Progressive Web Apps To Launch Their Start-Up?

There are various advantages of Progressive Web Apps that make it the perfect pick for Entrepreneurs:

  • Progressive Web Apps works very quickly. They offer an amazing user experience without requiring a lot of storage and process capacity.
  • This is one of the biggest benefits of PWAs that they offer an app-like experience. That's why they do not need to be launched on any app store or other platform.
  • PWAs have the feature to run on the browsers of the user devices. They are not platform-specific.
  • Developing a Progressive Web App is very profitable. The applications are easier and cheaper to build than developing a native application.
  • Progressive Web App has numerous unique features and functionality that include push notification, offline ability, safety, and more.

They can access certain in-built device features which all native and hybrid apps can not.

Above listed benefits is the proof that PWA will be the perfect choice for startups and enterprises.

Now, we will see 6 Progressive Web Apps of renowned brands and universal businesses. These businesses are delivering supreme user experience and encouraging startups to follow their trail.

6 supreme PWAs leading best UX for Entrepreneurs

UX(User Experience) is one of the most important factors that is considered while designing and developing the apps. The listed companies have developed the Progressive Web Apps keeping user experience in mind.

The features and functionality offered by Progressive Web App provide an essential enhance to the entire app experience.

PWA has become a recent trend among startups and small businesses due to its expertise.

1. Uber

Uber is an international ride-sharing app company that expanded to new markets. The company experienced the capacity of enabling all consumers to immediately request a ride, regardless of device, network, and location.

Keeping this in mind, Uber redeveloped its web as a strong alternative to the native mobile app.

Uber’s created its PWA of only 50k gzipped size. That took less than 3 seconds to load over 2G networks.

This Uber's PWA is a great example of how fast speed can help companies attract users even in the slow network connection.

The only motto of Uber was to offer a seamless user experience to all its customers with the help of PWA.

This challenges many companies to switch to providing the same services on their ride-sharing apps. But Uber gave the best result, its PWA is driving business growth by serving every need of its users right away.

2. Pinterest

Progressive Web Apps And Some good Examples
Image Credit: Pxhere

Concentrating on global growth, Pinterest launched its new mobile web experience from scratch as a PWA(Progressive Web App).

The report found that only 1% of their mobile users convert into sign-ups, logins, or app installs, due to miserable performance on mobile.

Customers started spending 40% more time on the site, and the main engagements jumped by 60 percent. Pinterest’s expertise exhibits how PWAs offer customers the content they want, without slowing them down.

Pinterest permits its customers to create and maintain virtual boards where images, graphics, GIFs, etc can be saved.

The popularity and utilization of the app are considerably high as it has more than 300 million active users monthly.

These are some of the significant changes that have changed the look of Pinterest through the expedite of PWAs:

  1. A 60% enhancement in the fundamental engagement through PWA.
  2. 44% rise in user-specified ad revenue was reported.
  3. The average time for using the Pinterest website enhanced by 40%.

Pinterest launched its Progressive Web App that urges better outcomes compared to its native applications and as a result increases active user numbers.

3. Spotify

Progressive Web Apps And Some good Examples
Image Credit: Pxhere

Spotify is not last in line when it comes to developing a Progressive Web App for their business. The musical app, Spotify continues to provide a great user experience to its users through PWA.

Due to its issue with Apple regarding a 30% pay commission, Spotify has found its way to reach users with a remarkable PWA. The Spotify's Progressive Web App(PWA) imitates all the features and functionalities of its mobile app version.

When a user moves from one screen to another, it changes the background of the application. Spotify provides easier accessibility and superior directions to their PWA clients.

4. Starbucks

Progressive Web Apps And Some good Examples
Image Credit: Pxhere

The world-famous American Coffee Company " Starbucks" accepted the advanced approach of the application for its customers. Starbucks also created their Progressive Web Application for its users.

Starbucks PWA contains all the essential features and functionality of the native application.

Its PWA enables simpler ordering services and entire support for delivering the best user experience. Starbucks ' progressive web app has all the functionality of working without the need for internet service.

Without needing the internet it assists in customizing the orders, adding multiple ingredients from the list, etc.

The company has experienced remarkable results as the PWA is 99.84% smaller than its native iOS app. Even in small sizes it provides the same functionalities. In the end, the number of users from the PWA and native app has matched.

5. Tinder

Tinder, a well-known dating platform has also decided to launch their PWA in the market alongside their native application.

Tinders' Progressive Web App is considerably smaller than its Android Application. The Progressive Web App is approximately 90% smaller than the application. It also cut the load time from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds which is a huge improvement in the market.

The company has gone through some serious competition as the increasing number of dating apps and platforms in the market. But, with their PWA( Progressive Web App) they have provided supreme user experience and took over the command.

6. Twitter Lite

A few years back, the famous company Twitter introduced it's Twitter Lite, a Progressive Web App version that consists of all the best features and functionality of web and native apps.

Looking to offer a better user experience for mobile device users, Twitter ensured many benefits with its PWA Twitter lite. It includes instant loading, minimum data consumption, and enhanced user engagement for mobile users.

Twitter’s many users were suffering from poor experience or expensive bandwidths. Page loading is too slow even when using the data-saver mode. That time, Twitter saw its all issue and found a better solution as PWA.

After the launch of the Progressive Web App, Twitter achieved these important results:

  • 75% enhancement in Tweets sent.
  • 65% increase in page views per session.
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, if you want to provide an amazing user experience to your customers Progressive Web Application will be the best option across mobile devices.

PWA proved to be a huge resource for investment. Developing your PWA can help you with taking down your multipurpose application improvement cost. And also help to reach a huge crowd of people quickly with minimum cost.

That's why it becomes an ideal option for entrepreneurs and start-ups businesses. They can accomplish better results and huge revenue with the help of the Progressive Web App.