The increasing rate of pollution in cities and towns is demanding an alternative mode of transportation that helps in controlling pollution. What can be a better option than a dockless bike system that runs on battery and doesn’t release any harmful gas? This is the reason the demand for e-scooters is increasing day by day. The market size of e-scooter which was 17.43 billion in 2018 is expected to reach $41.98 billion by 2028 according to a survey. So, the number of electric scooter service apps are tremendously increasing in the market as people are preferring eco-friendly transportation nowadays due to the awareness about environmental pollution. The inclination of customers towards e-scooter for eco-friendly transportation has made e-scooter service the current need and a very apt pollution control solution in today’s transportation industry. This e-scooter industry is attracting entrepreneurs and investors who have started investing in this industry to fulfill the current needs of people and generate a huge amount of revenue. Let's have a look at the reasons why the development of e-scooter service providing apps have started trending recently and what has made so many entrepreneurs embrace this industry. It’s Trending: E-Scooter App Development These points given below are the reasons for the trend in the development of e-scooter apps; Cost-Effective This is one of the major reasons for the immediate fame and demand of e-scooter mobile app development. Hiring E-scooters usually cost only around 3-4 dollars which is very cheap in comparison to Uber or Ola that cost around 20-22 dollars. This price factor has helped the low budget customers save their hard-earned money during travel, increasing the popularity of e-scooters among them. Easy to Park Vehicles like cab, car, van, etc. require more space and often are difficult to park. Parking is never a problem when you are riding an e-scooter as it can be easily parked anywhere. It doesn’t require a big space or a proper parking space. Unlike cars or cabs, you don’t need to pay parking charges for an e-scooter. Riding E-Scooters is Fun A recent survey conducted to know the reason why people prefer riding e-scooters revealed that more than 45% of people ride e-scooters just for fun. Also, e-scooters are like smaller versions of bikes and most youngsters love riding bikes. So, they prefer e-scooter rather than cabs. Similarly, the restriction to ride bikes without driving license in many states has become the reason many customers have inclined towards e-scooters. The Last Mile Transportation E-scooter is the best option when you want to cover smaller distances without having to walk. If you book a cab for smaller distances then it will cost more whereas an e-scooter will cost less and also help you in reaching the destination faster. So, when you are near your destination and feel lazy walking, an e-scooter is always the best option to opt for. Eco-friendly transportation The growth in the number of automobiles and private vehicles is increasing pollution. Fuels like diesel and petrol used in these vehicles pollute the environment by releasing harmful gases in the environment. Since e-scooters are operated by electric charging and are environment-friendly, they do not pollute the environment. Easy riding in congested roads It is difficult to ride cabs and cars on congested roads of cities but riding an e-scooter helps in travelling easily even in heavy traffic. It also saves time compared to cars so it is the best option when one needs to avoid traffic. Conclusion E-scooter app development has become a buzzword in the market recently. Many entrepreneurs are investing in this e-scooter app development industry. Investing in e-scooter app development is sure to bring fortune for entrepreneurs as this industry is expected to grow tremendously in the future. Eco-friendly transportation is the need of the current transport industry and e-scooters serves the purpose.